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Examples of NET ART


Examples of NET ART and How to Search for Net Art

Artwork Search; or Turbulence: Net Art; or Turbulence Spotlight; or Dia Artists’ Web Projects;or Franklin Furnace Archives of Digital Art;or DigitalArt Source; or CRUMB: new media art; or Video Art on the Web; or Video; or CENTRE INTERNATIONAL D’ART CONTEMPORAIN DE MONTREAL; or Digital Artists; or Digital Imaging Forum (DIF) Archive; or World Wide Web Art Resources; or 21st-CENTURY CONTEMPORARY ART; or an alphabetized listing of artists with images, info, and links; or artists; or resources and listing of sculptors; or go to category 3 & 4 of my website hotlist.New Media Museums and Gallerys: ZKMARS ElectronicaMattress Factory.Image Search Engines:
(–that searches for graphics/pictures and displays the results as thumbnails.
These categories below are ways to emphasize certain aspects of the new media art
is a type of new media art in which the primary medium is the Net,
and it can include: VIDEO, MULTIMEDIA, GAMING
New Media Art
(Self in relationship to others)
Bodies INC (by Victoria Vesna, 1996)Tina LaPortaCatherine RichardsTurns (by Margot Lovejoy) MouchetteCyborg Web ShopLee Bul (site 2)The EvaSys Experience Marita LiuliaAgent Ruby (by Lynn Hershman)Venus Construct (by Deb King, 2007)
World of female avatars
BODYSCAN13 Most Beatiful AvatarsNancy Nisbet The Mirror ProjectVera Frenkel-The Body Missing ProjectDiane LudinBill ViolaS T E L A R CChar Davies Immersence
RegenderInternet Soul PortraitAnemone jodi.orgAnatomy of Hopeexplodingdog The IntruderDissemiNETSuperbad DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICEBowling AlleyJan-Erik Anderson Xavier Cortada
[]n0 time Nina Sobell & Emily HartzellHardPlace Pac Mondrian NY Times article, Chomp If You Like Art, 12/27/04My boyfriend came back from the war by Olia Lialina Logozoa[ineffable] (2004) by Mary Flanagan and Andrew Gerngross Ann HamiltonLaurie AndersonTMarkAnnette Weintraub
REAL-TIME INTERACTION & ONLINE COMMUNITY & SOCIAL NETWORKING Verbarium (1999) by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau Graph TheoryWhoWhatWhenAir GlyphitiCommunicultureWe feel fine. Emergent ArtmyfrienemiesOneSmallStep: a MySpace luvStory My Art Becomes Yours!CommunimageTeleportia Sommerer/Mignonneau “Interactive Plant Growing”Old Boys Network

Guerrilla Girls Broadband

Women in Black Art Project
ENVIRONMENT TulsitaI made this for youInvisible Influenced My temporary visiting position from the sunset terrace barDissapearing Place AVAIRArs Virtua New Media Centerin Second Life Floating Pointenvironment

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