Think of a Title

This is an art piece my friend Gio found a couple years ago. It’s a website created in ’96, an early example of Internet art.
Here’s more about the site, but it might be fun to check it out without context, first. (It’s a little dark and weird…) -about the book/movie -website of the artist, Martine Neddam

This stuff is fucking fascinating! I’ve been lookin at wikipedia pages like: hypermedia, networked narrative, transmedia storytelling, guerrila communication…  Lots of possibilities with what art can be/do.

The site also connects to ‘mono no aware.’ (beautiful sad stuff)

The Ink Dark Moon:  Love Poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan
“Japanese poems deal with love, loss, grief, the transience of the natural world, desire, the seasons, loneliness, and dreams.” -Google books

Is this love reality
or a dream?
I cannot know,
when both reality and dreams
exist without truly existing. 

-Ono no Komachi

Seems like we keep underestimating ourselves and what we can do, even when we’re hurt.

I was in a production of Fame in 2007.   
I think this is relevant:

Much love to everyone!

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