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Mouchette “An interactive realspace/cyberspace sound installation by artist Lisa Dale Miller to effect global healing in the next millennium.” 
N a t u r a l – S e l e c t i o n The site of a very young artist, she is not 13 yet. (or so the site claims, this is one strange website!) 
Net Rezonator A search engine search engine.
138 Mapping the flow of populations John Crandall has brought on-line investigative treatments of presence, architecture, and human vision. This site brings the iconography of motion-sensing to web authoring. Notable contributions by Crandall include: solo museum show the Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz, Austria, Ctheory Article ” Anything That Moves: Armed Vision,” and is a director of The X Art Foundation. 
A-Thundersnake “Follow Me.” “No, Follow Me.” “How Could I, We Are Too Different.” 
A-system in-Absence Thought provoking art, FREE wallpaper, links, movie reviews and all things creative. 
AngelSoul “The navigator who puts himself at stake will be projected into an interactive journey (with tricks) into the different fields of human knowledge to which the asystem in-Absence, that is a new stage of thinking, relates.,,,” 
Ann-S-Thesia: Fine art by Ann Stretton and Stan Starbuck Flash3, DHTML, Digital Art, Content. This is a true web experience of a different kind. 
Ascii Art Ensemble Personal exhibits of mixed metallic media and digital art. 
Beatnik GrooveTub RealAscii? – ascii history of moving images – ascii history of art for the blind 
BuggErNeT Interactive Jam. Requires Beatnik audio plug-in (free, installs automatically when you visit site). 
Chris Burbank, Memetic Engineer The web is a valid art medium; code is our paint. 
Communimage Personal home page of an Australia-based american web site designer with great credentials and an interesting take on information design. 
D i s k D e f r a g m e n t e r Collaborative art project building a huge picture grid until 2001. 
Der Assoziations-blaster An interesting and inspiring site from Lithuania with a vision all its own and a pronounced computer aesthetic. 
A Description of the Equator and Some ØtherLands The “Assoziations-Blaster”, a net.art and net literature project, is an interactive text network. Everyone on the web should enter his assoziations to given subjects, and sometimes he may enter a new subject. (german only) 
Digartz.com – Digital Artz & Communications No Description 
DigitalThreat[[mental x-rays of an expanding universe]] An Artz & Entertainment Shockwave Site – Original Airbrush & Digital Art, Music, Photography, Video, 3D Animation in Shockwave Programs. Features include; Sheryl Crow, Todd Rundgren, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, Thomie Rox, Interactive Paintings by New Media Designer Thom Williams, Jokes, Wildlife and Cat Photos. Origanl music includes, Rock Music, Jazz, Jazz Fusion Music, Midi 
A Dislocation of Intimacy Online collaborative of San Francisco based artists experimenting in digital design and technological diversions. 
E: 13:4 3 :09 – Interactive Web work. This site “…consists of a sealed steel lightbox connected by wireless modem to the Internet.To view the simulated box interior, users may select combinations of six buttons. Each combination produces different simulated lighting conditions…” 
Eggplant www.E13.com is — click here. 
Explorations of the human mind “From Prague to Arizona, migratory web poetics of Fung Lin Hall–dedicated to humor, cities, cinema, art, literature, and web experimentation.” 
Floating Cities Interactive Explorations of the human mind and reflections of it’s little hypothalamus, through interactive thoughts hidden within and behind a user interface, to stimulate the conscience, both yours and ours. 
Fractal-Art-Gallery Presenting multi-media, a sci-fi/fiction shop, the band Noise Pollution X and the Floating Internet Guide. 
glassdog world domination headquarters Fractal Digitalism – strange visual experience Unusual fractals with nonstandard algorithms for unusual characters 
Head-Space This site is inclusive of a lot of different Web design topics, and beautifully designed. A must see for the ‘attitude’ tolerant. 
©1995-1998 HELL.COMª An on-line collective of designers, writers, artists and codewarriors. 
The HypArt Project don’t ask.. 
Hypnagogue A x i s The thought is that a single picture is created by several people. The image is divided into squares and each artist contributes one of them to the final picture. The project was initiated in 1994 and so far over 20 pictures have been created by people from all over the world. 
Le Theatre du Baton Figure Hypnagogue: an interactive film/CD-ROM. Created by artist/musician Perry Hall and architect Ed Keller. Part electro-surrealism, SF and horror/film noir. Combining 30’s surrealism and cyberpunk, Hypnagogue manipulates cinematic time to generate a sophisticated immersive/synaesthetic experience. 
Macromedia ShockRave A collection of classic scenarios resulting in bloody mayhem, featuring flying and dancing stick figures.(Editor:I only saw a curtain, but maybe it’ll work in your browser.) 
Millennial Burn Installation “Featuring online games, interactive comic strips and animated shorts: including Dilbert, Peanuts and South Park.”  
The O-Matic Corp “NetRezonator can be defined as a communication system or a chat application exchanging sounds and visuals.” 
POP-O-MATIC No Description 
Pangenic Become a published pop artist with this interactive tool. 
ParkBench Movie-animations in a unique presentation. (Requires browser plug-in capable of reading .mov files, such as Apple QuickTime.) 
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus “We have experimented with the Web to discover its potential for creative, collaborative expression, and to explore and sculpt the boundaries between physical space and cyberspace,” say the curators of this intriguingly-designed and executed site featuring HTML-based presentations which provide an almost cinema-like experience. 
Postmasters Gallery “. . . is an exploration of sense relationships within the English language. By clicking on words, you follow a thread of meaning, creating a spatial map of linguistic associations. The Visual Thesaurus was built using Thinkmap, a data-animation technology developed by Plumb Design.” 
Potatoland.org “The gallery has presented various projects created for new media in a comprehensive show of the latest digitally-based art and experimental design.” 
REaCT An evolving technobaroque artwork created by digital artist Mark Napier. Includes links to all of Napier’s net art projects, including The Shredder, Digital Landfill, GraphicJam and other interactive designs. 
Reload; Music & Design REaCT is a beautiful artistic experience, based on interaction, response and rectangles. (Honorific Mention in Ars Electronica 1999) (c)DJL 
Rorschach Reload is an experimental site created by two teenagers, one a designer, and the other a dj. 
Salvage Electronic inkblots 
Snub Communications Simple and elegant Web work from the creators at Rapid Eye Media 
Société Lézard: (Mis)Perception Home of the dancing tree. Includes an on-line interactive portfolio including video, audio, and cdrom work by Craig Grannell. Also hosts the Wireviews and Veer web sites. 
Some of my Favourite Websites are Art Visual perception, misperception and imperception. This site explores mediation, representation, visual perceptual, cognitive theory, visual language and the nature of identity on the net. 
Soulmates Graphica:visual communication web An online exhibition about internet-based artwork. 
Soundbag – Berlin – Experimental Art Interactive site from Japan – slick design and fun wrapped into one. 
Superbad ” Soundbag is a project by Rolf Langebartels. A collection of items relating to Sound Art. Every Saturday you will find something new in the Soundbag. Contributions are welcome.” 
The Tinkernet what’s in the trunk? 
Transmissions from Andyland “This is an open-ended work whose nodes and branches extend in many directions through the WWW. The project involves (theoretically) an infinite number of artist-participants. Each artist takes an idea from a parcipating Web site…” 
Turbulence Experimental web interfaces using Java. Collaborative drawings, search engines, games and puzzles that run in your Java-enabled browser. 
U n t e s t e d Turbulence facilitates artistic work that explores the specific characteristics of the World Wide Web medium and makes use of multimedia and online technologies such as RealAudio, Java and VRML They may include commercial art forms and avant garde forms. 
The Untold Story of Carp, the True Masters of Comedy No Description 
A Venue for digital Artists An online humor presentation. 
Vispo ~ Langu(im)age The mission of Slantwise Communications (SM) is to be the premier provider of pioneering digital artistic works. To give new and unheard of artists the opportunity to express themselves and to to cultivate a new cultural wave that will change the stale Broadcasting industry as we know it into a dynamic living media. 
Vue d’Esprit User Group “What the platapus is to the beaver, Vispo ~ Langu(im)age is to poetry. What the anteater is to Pinocchio, Vispo ~ Langu(im)age is to the critic . . . .” An interactive, web-based writing-with-pictures experience. 
The Way I See It Vue d’Esprit, the User friendly ray Tracing Package. Vue d’Esprit, User Group, Ray Tracing, Rendering, E-On Software, Gallery, 3d, 3D, Rendering, Graphics, DXF, Cool Site, Art, Landscapes. Free Object Download Free Scene Download Free Gallery Pages 
Welcome 2 ShaG A collection of photographs and short stories. Dark, edgy, and animated. 
The Wonder-World of sero.?rg Weird and wonderful experiments in Flash and HTML. 
XY Art and Mad Cow Design Art for the Information Society by sero.org 
🙁 : 0- :: _::( Funky, grungey Flash animations and immersive worlds aimed at Generation X and Y. 
– antirom – A stunning web work utilizing Shockwave Flash. State of the art concerning the power of imagery within the new media. 
art-gallery Chock-full of little shockwave engines. 
Brianna Privett’s Lunch break. art-galleries and experience in design 
buerolandschaft The personal domain of web sculptor, Brianna Privett, reknowned for her sparkling social commentary and love of dHTML. 
7-11 by date collages, web experiments, artlinks, a daily page 
dextro Seven-Eleven – mailing list for ascii art terrorists 
emagazine digital time by IWProject Dextro works. 
fingertips  |  issue 4    SilenceE: inspireD by sounD No Description 
generation net existence “Cutting edge E-Zine dedicated to design, art, and experimental web page design.” 
snarg Flash3, DHTML, Art, an on-line experimental project 
irational.org Jef Morlan Beyond Flash. 
nmp international index Founded in 1995, irational.org is the UK’s largest, most experienced irational provider on the Internet. 
post narcissistic digital entertainment Network Museum & Magazine project – beautiful international version of Japanese web site of Dia Nippon Publishing. NMP showcases diverse web works by various new media artists, along with theory articles and other projects. 
quest when you’ve gone beyond the pose of what you think you are then you’re ready to be an exmodel. 
ride : shoot : talk later interfaces / ideas / theories / maybes / 
0sil8 independent flemish art terrorists 
the snulled pages it’s the return of the brand building robots. will they ever be turned back? tune in to find out! 
sounds and colors maximum schluntz factor 
turux Web work “aimed at becoming a worldwide sound/color collage. The interface provides an array of sounds, colors and letters to be associated in pairs or triples. What color is that sound? What sound best matches your favorite blue? …” Interactive Web project. 
type me, type me not Weird shockwave experiments. 
+ welcome to paradise + Experiments in computational typography 
www.rel.nl/bas ….Bastiaan Janssen’s work on the web Javascript based site with emphasis on navigation for a virtual space. 
äda ‘web, welcome
 Welcome to my place on the net. I’m bastiaan janssen, freelance ” media maker”, interaction design student and net addict. If you want to see my work, presented in shockwave, please come to www.rel.nl/ba

Betalab©n©e©w© Set up by techies, this site includes some of the best visual poetry on-line and a lot of fun and games.The Web Stalker©n©e©w© I/O/D 4, the Web Stalker, is an application for interfacing the World Wide Web. It gives you high-protein access to Web structure and content. It is free to download and use.

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