Octopus interview


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Octopus: What is your relationship to Internet art?
Mouchette: Internet brought me to life. No, wait no. I already existed in the form of a book and then of a film… Internet gave me a new life, a new chance to reach eternity. Ghosts are afraid to die. If they can re-incarnate as art, as a character in a work of art, they keep on living.

O: How has the Internet changed your activities?
M.: As a ghost travelling from one medium to another, I’m very excited with this new incarnation. The beauty of this new life, compared to my previous life in a film or a book, is that I can share my identity with others online. When you haunt a website, online participants are your co-haunters, héhéhéhéhé…

O: Which online work of art would you choose for this exhibition?
M.: A work from 1998 http://mouchette.org/secret/

O: To whom would you like us to send this form on your behalf?
M.: To Takuji Kogo (Candy Factory) and Peter Luining

Situation géographique: Amsterdam


Excerpt From: Collectif. “Exposition Projet Octopus // pour une exposition en ligne // towards an online exhibition.” iBooks.

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