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old boys linxx
Female Extension
(by Cornelia Sollfrank)
Doll Yoko
(by Francesca da Rimini)
etant humain
(by Annie Abrams)
idenity runners
(by Ephemera, Liquid Nation & Discordia)
Women Hackers
(by Cornelia Sollfrank)
The Living
(by Debra Solomon)
Involuntary Reception
(by Kristin Lucas)
(by mouchette)
old boys linxx
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about the concept
the links listed above are considered as a collection of ressources for old boys networkers. this does not necessarily mean the linked sites, projects, networks, groups, persons are cyberfeminist or cyberfeminists. some of them call themselves cyberfeminist. some are being called cyberfeminist. some call themselves feminist. some are being called feminist. some state they deal with women and technology. some state they are considered for people calling themselves “women”. and so on.
hence: what makes a project/person/network/site cybeferminist? what is a cyberfeminist project/person/network/site?
what is cyberfeminism? who is a cyberfeminist? how does cyberfeminism look/sound/smell/feel like?
how cyberfeminist do you want to be today?
decide yourself!

technical advice:
please note that all links (should) open in a separate window of your browser – do not forget to close after use. please use the central “old boys linxx”-button on top of the page to return to the linxx-start page. the buttons “www.obn.org” on the left and right side are considered for those who access a single linxx-list by the way of a search engine result.
please keep the linxmistress informed in case you find ‘dead ends’ or in case you would like to suggest a link to be included here – thank you! 

the owner of this site is not responsible for sites/links accesible via sites linked from this site. more info? consult the disclaimer

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