Mouchette carried by Bresson has landed now on my pillow….
The character Mouchette has committed suicide but the artist who told her story has rescued her from oblivion, and taken care of the actress after she’d dived into the water.
I also dream of being rescued, of being carried in somebody’s arms out of the waters, out of death. I never get enough of this picture. I printed it on my pillow. I sleep on it every night.
Who will rescue me?
Who is carrying me?

Robert Bresson is handing Mouchette over to me. Can I rescue her? I am strong enough to carry her over to her next life, to her next medium?
Is that the meaning of my life: carrying Mouchette?

And for those who noticed the Iphone next to the pillow, this is what the lock screen says: Trust the moment you find yourself in.

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