A Closer Look at the Digital Narrative. A large poster made in 2000 became navigable and with it you can compare Mouchette in 2001 and now.


I found a large poster online at the end of 2000 or the beginning of 2001 and I saved it. It was describing Mouchette website and commenting on it by means of a layout with snapshots. It was the work of a student. I think his name was Luke Lamborn. I never communicated with him. I tried, but his email was not working,or he didn’t respond. So I just saved the file.

Someone used that poster made the whole thing navigable. And I am publishing this now for the first time, digging this information up on Nikkos request. Nikkos has started collaborting with me on archiving Mouchette and his questions revive a lot old material and memories.

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