Pretty Fly
has a very nice tumblr blog inspired from Mouchette. She has chosen a tumblr theme expressing vintage web. Her Mouchette re-interpretation is not only iconographic. It emulates very much a certain use of language jokes and state of mind: insubordination and cheekyness.


She wanted me to know her blog and filled in the form to the fan club page

1-Ok, _what_is_your_question? = Where can I find other sites (still active) related to your or in your aesthetic?

Another_question_then_? = What inspired you to create this site?

name = Marlena

email =

URL_of_the_link =

Any_other_comment_? = Make Mouchette’s page great again! It’s 2k16 and your website is my favorite place in the internet. I love the nostalgic time-travelling while reading suicide kit.

My comment:

Marlena says “Make Mouchette’s page great again!”.

So what really has been lost or is disappearing? What is she pointing at? Obsolescence? Malfunction? Or an expression of nostalgia specific to Mouchette or better, to Mouchette’s fans?

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