Quantifying the Audience for Ones and Zeroes

Analysis of Digital Art Audiences: Literature Review and Methodology
David Berman
Canadian Heritage Information Network
Communications Ottawa, Ontario
Third submitted draft: April 18/2005

This study is part of the federal government’s Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) initiative to identify the audience for digital art. In July of 2003, CHIN launched a project to explore the challenges museums are currently facing regarding the collection, preservation, research, and exhibition of digital art, and how digital art might become part of the next generation of the Virtual Museum of Canada. So far, this undertaking has demonstrated the need for more market research on the demand for digital art, as we have not found an adequate analysis of the digital art audience. Such an analysis would identify who the audience for digital art is (and thus the non-audience), as a precursor to identifying the factors that attract them to or detract them from this art form.


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