Rain-Stuff-Bow: Mouchette – What does she show?
Whenever I go the main page of mouchette, there will be several sounds, one is a girl saying “Bonjour”, one is a crying sound and one is a breathing sound.  Be honest, some of these sounds are quite controversial in terms of arousing sexual sensation.  So does the website want to raise the issue of child sexuality as the website is built by so called “a 13 year old girl” ?  Or is Mouchette really 13 years old only?

Apart from the appearance of the website, the content of the website is quite unreasonable.  The website is linked to different kind of pages which are totally not related to the title, for example, after I clicked her name, Mouchette, it led to another page with “members” and “non members”, then I clicked “non members”, another website, innergirl.com, popped up which is totally unrelated. So it is very difficult to understand the structure of Mouchette.com.  “The site’s content has a deceptively innocent quality.” (Mouchette.org.In Tribe and Jana, 66-67)

It is very interesting that the reading links Mouchette to works of Cindy Sherman.  Sherman dressed up and posed as movie characters or other famous figures in photography.  Both of them raise the question of the nature of identity.  Is what is performed in front of you the real identity of that person?  That is a big question to the technology and the internet!

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