Ramblings of an Art Student

Interesting 13 year old….

This 13 year old didn’t like how his parents wouldn’t let him show his picture to strangers on the internet.  He was shy but he’s trying to over come that by coming close to you as a viewer.  And you can get close to him.  Whisper in his ear, tell him a secret.  Its a weird concept, but very very out of the box for a 13 year old.

“ In 1996, a Web site that purports to be the work of an adolescent girl appeared at http://mouchette.org. Visitors to the site are greeted with a lurid close-up of a flower, its petals crawling with ants and flies, accompanied by a portrait of a sad-looking girl and the following text: ‘My name is Mouchette/I live in Amsterdam/I am nearly 13 years old/I am an artist.’ “

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