For the REBOOT exhibition at De Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam I am showing VISIONS.OF.MOUCHETTE.ORG,
5 of the 12 videos are on display until 12 May 2024


REBOOT: Pioneering Digital Art is an exhibition featuring key works from 1960 to 2000, plus new interpretations by contemporary makers. REBOOT reveals the influence of digital technology on art and society. Alongside groundbreaking works by more than 20 artists, including Edward Ihnatowicz, Dick Raaijmakers, Driessens & Verstappen and Debra Solomon, there are new works by artist Jonas Lund, VR artist Ali Eslami, game designer Play the City and others. REBOOT is an initiative of Nieuwe Instituut and media art platform LI-MA.

The 20 artist selected in the DIGITAL CANON 1970-2000 NEDERLAND are represented in this exhibition

Here is in the Digital Canon NL

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