Reddit, 6891 clicks in one day

Reddit, what are some of the most mysterious websites you can think of?

Creepyist website I have ever witnessed…. I don’t know why I keep looking through this website….disturbingly intrigung.

[–]billgarmsarmy 22 points  ago

i was looking at this website once in the library in high school (~2001) and got permanently banned because the librarian thought i was looking at porn. the image in question was a flatbed scan of a woman biting her finger. the librarian said “it looks like you’re sucking a penis,” i asked the librarian if she’d ever seen one.

edit: it was a lot like this one, though I remember it being different.

[–]the_opinion 35 points  ago

Notice she said it looks like you’re sucking a penis. I don’t think she was concerned about the image you were looking at, more that you were sucking dick in the library.

[–]2dayoldbread 15 points  ago

WARNING! Do not open this with headphones on (or speakers turned up)

[–]kony_island_baby 11 points  ago

this is probably the most unsettling out of all the websites on this thread and I don’t know why

[–]AlisterDX 4 points  ago

Those flies creep me out… I swatted at my screen a few times thinking they were real…

[–]kyotoman 2 points  ago

could I please get a description of this website… too scared to click…

[–]DroneMan11 2 points  ago

Sound of a girl crying with a background of a flower with flies spread out on the page. If you reload, the background changes. Just strange.

[–]kyotoman 1 point  ago

that sounds scary to me but thanks!

[–]JaseyRaeXD 1 point  ago

hah…crying? it’s not crying…ill let you think about it and figure out sound she is REALLY making…



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