shsl genocider

shsl genocider/


  • (the classic, vaguely unnerving, no popups,perhaps mild epilepsy warning for some screens)
  • every time you load it, seems to be one page, epilepsy warning for flashing gifs)
  • discovered this today, content seems to be more disturbing than superbad, epilepsy warning, perhaps screamer warning? fairly unnerving, i haven’t explored it a lot)
  • (very cool art website, no screamers or epilepsy warning, the creator’s a nice guy)
  • (website of the character shaye saint john, a celebrity who was in a massive accident. gigantic body horror warning, weird stuff galore, really confusing site layout. shaye (and her actor) died a few years ago 🙁 )
  • (seems to be videos dedicated in some way to magibon, the youtube celebrity. no fucking clue. gore, epilepsy, and insect warnings apply)
  • (???? rather lowkey content, perhaps religious in nature, fractals inside)
  • (popups, epilepsy warning, if i remember correctly there might be nsfw content, just weird as shit)
  • (odd videos, not safe for work, generally disturbing)
  • (odd content, hub of strange written pages, warning for animal death (photos of dead birds) on one page, epilepsy warning)
  • (automatically redirects to many different sites, epilepsy warning, art projects)
  • (???)
  • (similar to 973, semi-religious content and odd poetry!)
  • (probably an ARG of some sort? loads of pages, laziest method of autoplaying music i have ever seen)
  • (bizarre gibberish, host site is completely normal. type in anything after /forum/ for another page of oddness)
  • no longer on the internet, but worth a read: the children’s immortality project. gigantic chain network of really bizarre gibberish sites about achieving immortality in children, possibly a front for some darker stuff
  • piropito is a fantastic artist on youtube! she does videos about her ants now but she has some amazingly creepy stuff. (warnings for body horror and gore)

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