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Mouchette, submitted by Lowtax, Oct. 18, 2004

Mouchette: hideous, pretentious, and standard incoherent-grade web art has always failed to impress me. Those sites where you click around to random meaningless image collages and audio loops might have been sort of amusing the first one or two times, but now we’re on like wave 500 and they’ve lost their fucking splendor. Saving Mouchette from being relegated to the towering trash heap of idiotic web art is a section on the site devoted to really stupid comments about suicide.

I am 12 i tried to fucking kill myself with my samurai katana my parents got to decorate my room with. when we bought it it was sharp and i thought that it was still sharp. so i hung it from my ceiling in a way so that when i cut a string and i was laying down it would behead me. i cut the string and life slowed down, i realized that i didnt want to die. the next thing i knew i felt a thud against the lower part of my head and everything went black. i woke up in in what im guessing was a few hours later i thought wow being dead is a lot like being alive but i then realized that i was alive and my katana was dull. luckily my parents were out so they never found out about it

Who doesn’t enjoy a few good stories?!

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– Zack “Geist Editor” Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)


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