It’s Always Something, [[MORE]] hey there!! i love horror junk so i…

hey there!! i love horror junk so i decided to collect a quick list of a few of my favorites that ive accumulated over the years!! i’ll be making a separate list just for movies once i can find safe websites to watch them all on, but for now heres a few favorite sites! enjoy! :^) :^)



  • Bongcheon-dong Ghost is a very quick read! i suggest it if youre looking for something unexpected! :^)
  • ShayeSaintJohn uhh…what? im not sure whats happening here but its still pretty cool! :^)
  • Notpron Not as scary as it is eerie; the setting always sends chills up my spine! ive only made it to level 25. only 29 people have been credited for finishing the game. DEFINITELY for people who like super hard puzzles and are skilled with simple computer things! (finding source codes, specific google scouring…things along those lines)
  • NobodyHere is a collection of very interesting poems written by a very interesting man in very interesting ways ! you dont need to read them in order to enjoy them; a very nice rainy day timepasser!
  • Mouchette An odd website. follows the story of a suicidal 13 year old girl named “Mouchette” who will ask you things that you might not want to answer…but if you do, you can give her your email address.

Creepypastas and Static Pages (no flashes or Interaction)

  • Normal Porn For Normal People is a long time favorite of mine! i cant even explain it, but…woah!
  • Face All Red left me reeling! its a very well done comic with an interesting case of sibling rivalry .
  • Replay6733.avi  One of the few well-written .AVI creepypastas ive ever read! always makes me feel kinda claustrophobic or watched… :^(
  • Cigarettes ok, you caught me. im a sucker for rites and rituals of the horror genre! this one is an interesting change of pace when it comes to creepypastas though! :^)
  • The Midnight Game is another interesting thing to try out! the hardcore version of bloody mary. similar in format to ‘Cigarettes’.
  • RideAccidents.Com is just what it sounds like! a list of ride accidents that seems to have stop updating, but has stories from 1998-2012!
  • Rotten.Com is more of a gore/shock site than a horror site. disturbing pictures of real death, illness, and murder. pretty unsettling, but in interesting collection! (please remember to be respectful to the deceased when viewing these types of sites! :^) )

I’ll be updating this every once in a while, but for now, thats all!! happy haunting!! :^)

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