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Art74 – Introduction to Digital Media info site — Fall 12– Instructor: Steve Durie

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Please Check out the artist from the NMA book on this website: Read:

Natlie Bookchin — the Intruder —
Shu Lea Cheang — Brandon —
Etoy — Toywar —
Olia Lialina — My boyfriend came back from the war —
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy — Horror Chase — Every Shot Every Episode —
Mouchette —
ArtMark — Artmark —
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries — Bust down the door again —

Questions for Reading 4 — Narrative vs. Non – Narrative and Identity

Q1. Look up the defination of Linear Medium ( wikipedia) and Summerize a good defination between what Linear and Narrative froms of information vs. Non-LInear Non-Narrative.

Q2 Look up the defination of Hypertext ( wikipedia) and choose the best 2 art projects from the artists above that best exmplfiy that concept. Give reasons.

Q3 From these same examples please describe 2 examples that use the more conventional linear sense of narrative and 2 examples that still create narrative, even if its not linear. Lastly name 2 more where the material is interested in the nature of narrative vs. non-narrative based infomation. Give reasons.

Q4. Which examples seem to rely on the idea that content producers of digital media can create and/or control their identity. Give reasons.

Q5. Discuss as a group what are some of the common themes, subjects, activities and cliches that you think are the best stories unique to the Internet.

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