The deliberation and concealed destiny

A deliberação e o destino encoberto
Rodrigo Hipólito
Mestrando do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes da Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo.
Revista do Colóquio de Arte e Pesquisa do PPGA-UFES, ano 4, v.3,n. 6, junho 2014.

Abstract: From the analysis of the way that work of art “” (1996) makes use of the acknowledgment of erotic signs by the user, we address of the importance of attitude of deliberation for the production of knowledge and experience in the “network”. “”, Martine Neddam’s work, deals with new subjectivities born of constructing of a world by data sharing network (internet). In this universe, that Vilém Flüsser understands be composed for zero dimensional images, paths, intersections, frictions and the mixes are the way of appearance information. The word “to deliberate” has extremely importance for the understanding of personal experience in cyberculture. “To deliberate” is to point trajectories among discovered possibilities.

Download the pdf here:  The_deliberation_and_concealed_destiny


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