The Internet is a strange place… | The Internet is a strange place

In the words of ZOMBO “You can do anything here.” Apart from the fact you can’t. Though if you enjoy the soothing tones of a man repetitively welcoming you to, then this site is for you!

Do you ever feel the need to be serenaded by a fish floating through space in a loaf of bread? Well from the makers of badgers, badgers, badgers you now can!

Prepared to be mezmerized and terrified at the same time. Jim Carey is a creepy creepy dude at the best of times. Paste his face on Lady Gaga and try to look longer than 30seconds – the intensity in the eyes – GAH – It’s too tough!

Open up Google in a separate tab – click “I’m feeling lucky” and write down everything that comes up. Now create a page using every one of Google’s suggestions. Does your page look like No? Then repeat.


I have to say the theme tune to this website has to be one of the catchiest around – shame it’s written about Trannys or Grannys. There’s not alot else I can write without explaining the whole site – it is after all a website Tranny vs Granny.

This site confirms my theory that at least 3% of the internet is written and controlled by paranoid schizophrenics – for serious! If you can make sense of this rant you may know too much…

If you’ve got a spare few minutes this is actually quite a bit of fun. Controlling the dancer on the screen you can perform some sweet kicks and spin moves reminiscent of my drunken efforts on a Saturday night.

Now I’m a sucker for squirrels – especially when they try and do people things. Rummaging through bins and eating fries in particular cracks me up every time. Needless to say, when I found a website wherein you can make a squirrel shoot a laser for as long as you want, well I was hooked. Hooked for a little too long as shooting lasers is about all you can do.

The person who made this site must really have something important to do on a Tuesday. As the name suggests – all this does is tell you if it’s Tuesday. Which let me just check… Nope not a Tuesday, guess I’ll shoot down to the pub.


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