Trust the moment

The Goddess of 1967.
3 february, snow came in Amsterdam today and  I dug up a coat made of fake fur from the bottom of my closet. I find in the pocket a cinema ticket dating back from 2001, 12 february from a movie theater in Montreal, Ex-Centris 3536 St Laurent. The film is called The Goddess of 1967, in reference with an old car, the DS Citroen.
I trust the moment: it can travel through time. Like a stone it jumps on the surface if you throw it well.
In my private pantheon 1967 is the birth date  of the film Mouchette. Robert Bresson got  the Golden Palm in Cannes for  it but he had to share the prize with someone else (Tarkovsky?) and it didn’t make him happy.
Was Bresson driving a DS Citroen in 1967?

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