Uncovering the essence of Intimidad on Facebook

Uncovering the essence of Intimidad

By posting a screenshot of an article about her work with thelink to the original article and tags to the people mentioned in the article, Intimidad  Romero, an internet artist is cross-referencing her work inside Facebook.
I suppose that it is a conservation practice, in a similar way to what I do in this blog here.

I was tagged in my author’s name on FB Martine Neddam, and that’s how I got to know about it.

I find it a pity that she encloses the archive of her work in Facebook. It’s only cross-referenced in FB and nowhere else. You can’t access that information from outside FB or from a Google search.

One day, when she looks for the traces of her work, or of her online existence in the past, she will only have these traces here when the rest has vanished.
I do believe my cross-referencing practice is more robust that what she does on FB.

Although, online life is very short anyhow, no matter what system it rests on.


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