VISUAL LANGUAGE 2D (Communications Technologies), 510-112-DW FINE ARTS 1 (Mondays and Thursdays)
Andres Manniste
Autumn 2012
SYLLABUS (Revised 08/12/12)

Week 1: (August 23, 27)
Introduction to course. Reading art (powerpoint)
Reading (about photography): William J. Mitchell (1994) Intention and Artifice in The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp.23-57.
Browsing: Rhizome Artbase, Digital Art Museum and Computers Club Computers Club Drawing Society
To look up: What is a googol ?

Week 2: (August 30, September 5)
Lecture: Intention and Artifice (powerpoint)
Link: Jeremy Shuback: Photoshop Crash Course
Reading: Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, “Art in the age of digital distribution”, pp.6-9 9 (“Defining New Media art” to “Themes/tendencies“).
Browsing: Petra Cortright (2007) vvebcam, and John F. Simon, Jr. (1997) Every Icon

Labour Day: September 3, Election Day: September 4

Week 3: (September 6, 10)

Lab: Logon, working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory, network.
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, drawing and painting tools
Project 1 (individual project, line direction, 15%)
Reading: Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, “Art in the age of digital distribution”, pp.10-13 (“Themes/tendencies” to end of article).
Browsing: Shelley Jackson (1997) My Body and Takeo Yamaguchi (2006) Candy Factory Projects ,Tokyo Rose Advertising

Week 4: (September 13, 17)
Working on project 1 in computer lab, image editing, introduction to printers.
Reading (about defining mechanically produced art): Walter Benjamin (1936) The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, (Sections I, II, IV, V and XII);
Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, “Olia Lialina”, p. 60-61.
Browsing: Olia Lialina (1996) My Boyfriend Came Back From the War
Art in the age of digital distribution Slide show

Week 5: (September 20, 24)
Downloading Internet images, file compression, image formats
Reading (a historical perspective): Vannevar Bush (1945) As We May Think (Sections, I, VI, VII and VIII)
Browsing: Anime to Arts

Week 6: (September 27, October 1)
Lecture: Benjamin (Benjamin slides)
Browsing: and

Week 7: (October 4, 11)
Lecture: Vannevar Bush (Bush slides)
Project 1 due
Project 2 (15%)
Homework: Write a proposal (5%)
Reading: Natalie Bookchin, Alexei Shulgin (1999) Introduction to (1994-1999)
Homework: Simple animation (5%).
Browsing: Rafael Rozendaal (2010)

Thanksgiving break October 6-8


Week 8 (October 18, 15, mid term assessment)
TEST (10%) On readings, lectures and browsings to date.
Introduction to Project 2
Lecture: the context for media art. New Media Art Powerpoint Presentation.
Reading: Jesse Darling (2012), Arcades, Mall Rats, and Tumblr ThugsArcades, Mall Rats, and Tumblr Thugs (.pdf),
Evgeny Morozov (2012),The Death of the Cyberflâneur (.pdf)
Browsing: Kaja Andersen (2012) cxzy’s photostream, Jodi; Jodi (2006) MAX PAYNE CHEATS ONLY ————————————————————————————————.webloc


Week 9: (October 25, 22)
Presentation of proposals. Formation of groups. How to work in groups
Introduction to simple animation.
Simple animation due (5%).
How to write a proposal (bis)
Homework: Take a movie of yourself and save it as .avi or .mov to your usb key or on a dvd.
Reading: Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, “Vuk Cosic“, p. 38-39 and “Mark Napier“, p. 70-71.
Browsing: Mark Napier (1998) The Digital Landfill and Vuk Cosic (1999) Deep ascii


Week 10: (November 1, October 29) (in Lab)
Guest artist: Rachel Echenberg Working with Quicktime and iMovie
Reading: Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art, “Mouchette“, p. 66-67.
Browsing: Stellarc (1996) Ping Body (Google it!) and Mouchette (Avatar, 1996-2010, Martine Neddam)


Week 11: (November 8, 5)
Introduction to Internet, Web workshops
Homework: Simple webpage (5%).
Simple webpage mini-tutorial
Reading: Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art,”Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries“, p. 94-95 and “Alexei Shulgin“, p. 84-85.
Browsing: Young-Hae Chang Heavy industries (2005) Super Smile and Alexei Shulgin (1998) 386DX Cyberpunk rock band 


Week 12: (November 12, 15)
Project 2 due
Project 3 (20%) Are media technologies moral?
Browsing: (Google them!)
Reading: Tilman Baumgärtel (1999) Interview with 0100101110101101.ORG and Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) 
New Media Art
,”“, p. 26-27.


Week 13: (November 22, 19)
Simple webpage due.
Reading: Tilman Baumgärtel (1997) Interview with Jodi and Tribe, Mark and Jana, Reena (2007) New Media Art,”Jodi“, p. 50-51.
Browsing: Kim Jong-il Looking At Things; Eugenio Tisselli (2009) We are the facebots! We are delighted to be your friends.


Week 14: (November 29, 26)
TEST (10%) On readings, lectures and Browsings to date.
Work session

Week 15:
 (December 6, 3)
Work session 
Project 3 due, class critique

(December 13, 2012 at 15:00) 
Last submission of projects


Course outline (pdf) saved here: Vl1fa_12


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