7-mouchette.org what kind of site is that…

mouchette.org what kind of site is that…

by ~Death Park ~matbl



Description: the sound of this young boy’s voice is very determined and very enticing. The comments are quite vague, trying to convince you how confusing and awful it’s going to be when you fail to see it on the screen. It practically stops, listening to the sobs of Mouchette on the black page with green text of the dead fly, not understanding the text in english obviously. Death Park, the author, mentions the legend of the night curse at 2:00 am, and insists on the confusion and mysteries of the site without relating to the page being browsed at the moment. This is a long introduction and halfway through the video, at 3:00  he starts the description of the  character Mouchette. Notably, some comments are given using the URL space like “CUT THT OUT OMGGG” and I’m wondering who is being addressed by these texts… the viewer of the video most probably because one also gets a goodbye greeting on that url space. Information is being given on the Bernanos book and the Bresson film, indicating that a google search has been made, but not so much attention is given to the pages (probably for the lack of knowledge of english).

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mouchette.org, what kind of site is that by

by Death Park matbl


~Death Park ~matbl

Mouchette.org is a cursed website created by a dead girl in 1997.
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