8-Not for the Faint of heart

Not for the Faint of heart

By GirlFoks

Description with my won comments:

This seems to be based on  descriptive comments but the person commenting tries to find all the details and reasons why it is scary.
Possibly, visiting Mouchette’s site and commenting it seems a sort ritual in her community of viewers: she has long promised it, and finally does it.

She pretends to visit it for the first time to attest her impartiality, but starts with the work “m.org.ue” (of all titles) and screams her disgust. When she gets to that page  “Lullaby for a dead fly” where all the answers are displayed she says ” here are all the dates when Mouchette was murdered…”
She is very systematic, trying to go through every time listed on the pull-down menu. But  she moves away from every page very rapidly, because she fears being blocked (at the mention of suicide for example).
She doesn’t understand english and if the browser doesn’t present the russian translation she moves to the next page, and when she has the page translated she reads out loud the text in russian.

The page called  “secret” still has the Flash version  and presents the  broken Flash icons which means it must have been 4 or 5 years ago, although the original version was posted on youtube on 2 october 2020


When she gets to the blog “about.mouchette.org” we can see that the latest post is “Documenting Mouchette” which was published in June 2020, so I’m surprised that she still gets that Flash version of  “secret”

This screen capture is quite long, 15 minutes in total, because she visits every single item, but she finally gets quite bored, ending the sentences with “blablabla…” when reads the text. Obviously she’s not visiting the site for her own curiosity, of for the curiosity of her public, but because she complies with a sort of  dangerous ritual towards her online  community.
The page with a lot of poems inspires her that there is a sort of secret formula by which you might  “summon a babadook” calling by its name and waking up a scary entity. She goes faster and faster, and then, she’s done the job!

“Not for the Faint of heart”
The title of her screen capture certainly points out that she has been doing the brave and courageous thing by browsing my site thoroughly and successfully complied with a rite of passage for a girl using her identity online.

By GirlFoks

In her YouTube channel one can see her sharing  with an open face her tastes and opinions.


Обзор сайта Moushette.org Не для слабонервных 😨😨😨😨

627 views Oct 2, 2020

Жуткий сайт, с жуткими звуками и картинами. Не каждый сможет вытерпеть.

Creepy site, with creepy sounds and pictures. Not everyone can endure it.



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