A Scary Site

(9) Mouchette.org qorxulu sayt

translation of the title: Mouchette.org is a scary site

description-> The video of Ali Bakinskiy contains screen recording of mouchette.org together with voice narration from a male voice, most likely Ali Bakinskiy himself!
It is recorded with Mobizen recorder on a phone. As shown on the phones desktop the user is located in Amirabdzhan, a municipality in Baku, Azerbaijan and the date is 22-10-2018, 14.09 afternoon.


The video starts with the desktop of the user and the voice narration. It takes almost 2 minutes for the user to finally go to mouchette.org. Please notice how when he starts using the browser, the image becomes full of pixels and presents a screen full of nice unintentional glitches. This happens throughout the whole video.

Initially he attempts to search online through his browser for mouchette.org but he keeps mistyping the url as mouthette.org and he can’t access it although the correct url is visible from the beginning in his browser history. He uses a browser I do not recognize initially but after some unsuccessful attempts to go to mouchette.org he shifts to Google Chrome.

Soon he types the url in good order and the google results for mouchette.org appear. Although he could pick up the first result, he goes back to the browser address bar to correct his typing. This brings him to mouchette.org the way he really wants to: by writing it correctly!
He is now on the homepage (mouchette.org) (02:27). We hear mouchette sounds, namely the coyote sound from the ‘Cat’ that plays in the homepage now.
Before navigating in the site he scrolls down and we see part of the homepage. He opens the dropdown menu and after seeing some options he picks ‘Trademark’ (http://drivedrive.com/mouchette/trademarking.html). He does not do much there, or read aloud anything, and presses the back button to go to the homepage again. (03:00)

Now he chooses from the dropdown menu the ‘Film Quizz’ and goes to the page (http://mouchette.org/film/quiz.html). He scrolls down to the bottom of the page and speaks a few words I do not understand at all, then goes back to the homepage. Now from the dropdown menu he visits ‘The Fan Club Page’ (http://mouchette.org/fan/fanpage.html) and without further interaction goes again back to homepage. We hear the ‘Cat’ sound again! He talks in his language, leaves the dropdown menu open for some seconds, and finally picks ‘I love Mouchette’ which brings him to the page we reconstructed with Martine (http://ilovemouchette.virtualperson.org/), more info here: (https://about.mouchette.org/i-love-mouchette/). He now expresses some reactions with his voice, something like hè?, and clicks on the ‘Love’ gif (Mouchette’s face and a heart pumping) which brings him to the ‘Love’ page (http://ilovemouchette.virtualperson.org/love.html). He scrolls down and talks. He laughs- really loud! Then he goes two steps back to the homepage. (04:26)

Now we hear mouchette yawning! From the dropdown he picks Dummy (http://mouchette.org/dummy/speaks.html), is transferred to the page and already hears ‘broeptval.mp3 ‘ which is hosted here http://mouchette.org/nom/cd/. Strange that the top of the page which contains text, links and empty text boxes does not move at all. Normally this is configured to move horizontally from the right to the left of the page in an automatic horizontal scroll, but here it doesn’t work.

Now he is back to the homepage, and from the dropdown menu he selects ‘My Shop’ (http://shop.mouchette.org/) (04:47) which brings him to the relevant page, he scrolls down and reads some words such as Mouchette. Now back to the homepage already. Again from the dropdown menu he picks the ‘About Me’ link which brings him to the blog (https://about.mouchette.org/). (05:00)
Maybe he does not like this, I don’t know, he goes quite fast back to the homepage and picks from the dropdown menu ‘Paintings’ (http://mouchette.org/paint/index.html) which brings him to the relevant page. He scrolls down, seems to be looking at the painting for some time because he scrolled up again, and back to the homepage (05:24).

Now in the homepage we hear Mouchette laughing. From the dropdown menu he picks ‘Triple X’ and is now on that page (05:30). (http://mouchette.org/triplex/live.html). He gets a really good glitch on that page and immediately shifts back to homepage. He chooses from the dropdown ‘Tokyo’ which brings him to the page (http://mouchette.org/flesh/candy.html) with the installation view of ‘Flesh&Blood’ at the Candy Factory. Back to the homepage, Mouchette now says ‘Bonjour’ to him (one of the sounds of the homepage) and he picks from the dropdown menu ‘Blind Shells’ (http://mouchette.org/shells/shell.html). He does not do much there, back to homepage and from there to ‘Name’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/nom.html) where’s there’s a lot of text. Fast enough he’s back to the homepage and from there via the dropdown menu to ‘Wattlechick’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/wattle.html), where he scrolls down, then goes to homepage and one more step back from the initial process, we see the google search again, and the browser recording and the video ends.


Additional comments by Nikos:
The user- channel has uploaded only one video, this one here!
Plus I find nice visually the pixellated version of mouchette.org! I always thought glitch is nice when it happens not on purpose, like here!
I find also nice he visits some works from the bottom in the list of the dropdown menu. Plus the configurations you see for the phone are interesting!


Additional comments by Martine:

I love to see the phone screen initial view with all the icons (mostly games, I believe), and I like the fact that Ali uses his phone horizontally. Such a wonderful trip to visit this phone desktop of a kid in Azerbaijan! (Ali sounds very young to me, I would say 11 or 12 years old).
I see 09:39 written in big numbers in the middle and also in small on the right hand corner, and I also see lower down the date and time announced as 22-10-2018, 14.09, as you indicated. So I wonder, Nikos, what is this other time of 09:39? The temperature is 21°C, which is pretty warm for 18 november, to our standards here… It makes me feel like going to Amirdzhan in the province of Baku in Azerbaijan and see what it’s like (I couldn’t resist a short Google trip! Not much to see there….)
I also enjoyed the glitches on his screen, the best I have ever seen! What kind of a graphic card does he have to produce such great glitches at every new screen? The recorded sounds are very good and clear sometimes and other times very scratchy . The efforts of re-typing mouchette.org correctly are endearing, but he doesn’t have the excuse of using a different alphabet, apparently they use the roman alphabet in Azerbaijan.
The movements of the  website visit are very limited, it’s all back and forth and the dropdown menu list. Certainly, the use of the phone has limited the movements so much. The touch screen of a phone in fact is not really usable on its surface, it’s like it only has 4 directions: up/down/left/right (like when there was only one central button of circulation above a phone keyboard).  So this has critically reduced the curiosity and turned the habits of visiting a web page into a speed of 4 movements.
Ali Bakinskyi (if that’s the name of the boy talking) sounds so young and innocent and fresh. I think there’s no critical attitude at all, just first-hand fun of seeing animated gifs (like in ‘IloveMouchette’) which make him giggle like a small child. I don’t get a single word of his langage (Azerbaijani), and his articulation is very unclear, but I have the feeling that I don’t need to understand the words, I simply get him! I still puzzles me why Mouchette belongs to the category of scary sites. The boy is not scared at all, not even surprised, just amused, I think.
Although his browsing session is recorded and uploaded in a Youtube channel, there’s no sense of transmission to others, it feels like he’s browsing for himself and talking out loud.
And that’s very refreshing!


original url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkSpAmujgmA&ab_channel=AliBakinskiy
date published: Nov 18, 2018
username: Ali Bakinskiy
other info about user, other channels online: –
account url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRiJjxEbS5-eygo-y30WR5Q
duration: 6.56
tags by user: –
language: azerbaijani

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