Maestro Game # 1

(10) Original title: Страшные каналы и сайты (нет) №1

translation : Scary channels and sites # 1

description-> The video of Маестро Game (Maestro Game) is the first part of two. It contains browser recordings of with the bandicam software in Opera browser on windows system, voice narration by the user and a quite distorted sound. With this bad sound quality, since I do not understand russian, the most valuable sound information for me were the reactions of the user, which are very expressive and sometimes remind me of the mouchette sounds (laugh, yawn etc).

The video starts with the browser of the user and homepage already open but a curious detail here is that the user has unclicked all boxes from the identity list of mouchette ( My name is mouchette, I live in Amsterdam etc). Knowing that these clicked or unclicked boxes do not have any effect and are only decorative, I’m curious to know what this user was looking for… Then, really soon the user goes to search engine. This step shows something that I came across in other videos of this collection. The users attempt to show to others how they found/ or/ how to find via a search engine, this is why they keep recording their online searches.
Back to homepage the user now clicks some of the options of the identity list and reads them out loud. Then he opens the dropdown menu, navigates a little bit on the words but does not click or choose any of them. In a second attempt, the user clicks on ‘’, a step which brings the user on the relevant page ( where the sound is really distorted, normally it’s a music piece in a loop with drums and screams, but here it’s only scratches and parasitic noises. The user takes a look at the work and clicks on the center of the page, on the image of  the feet (moufeet.jpg) which carries a random link which could take him to all kind of different pages. (!
This brings the user to ‘Chez Moi’ page ( where he scrolls up and down several times while talking in russian, and then goes a step back to again, and repositions the interface buttons of the bandicam recorder (which is nice as it brings in motion and into the mouchette environment the recording media in visibility). The sound is still so distorted that sounds a bit like a techno dub version of the original sound (squelette.wav). By clicking on the image of the feet again the random link is activated and brings the user goes to the homepage again. (01:42)

There, the user picks from the dropdown menu the ‘7 Songs’ and comes to the ‘Music’ page ( He clicks on the “listen” button in the center of the page and listens to the ‘1st interactive song’ ( but, we cannot hear it because of sound distortion. The user now goes two steps back, to the ‘Music’ page and homepage again. (02:00)

From the dropdown menu the user picks ‘Dead Fly’ and comes to the relevant page ( where after some seconds  he/she manages to hit the moving button “it’s me”, action which brings the user in the next fly page ( There’s green text appearing letter by letter on a black background and the user reads out loud, with a really weird accent in english, the words of the fly complaining that it was killed. When all the green text is typed out and spoken by the user, comes the button “tell me” which the user clicks on, action that brings the pop up window of the page ( in the foreground. Now the user answers the question “how can I write this since I am dead?” with the entry “Easy”, contributes his/her name and email and is now into the next step, in the ‘Lullaby’ page ( where the user still reads out loud the intro text. Now the entries of all other users are moving in the screen, as part of ‘Lullaby’. (04:44)
The email of the user is and it makes it easy to isolate this entry in the database.

This entry is found in the database

Now the user takes some steps back, comes to the homepage and from the dropdown menu selects the ‘Lullaby’ page, only to discover that he just saw that page before. So again, he goes back to the homepage and from the dropdown menu selects the ‘Cat’ ( The user attempts to kill the cat by clicking on the moving button (“KILL THAT CAT”).
At this point the user is redirected to a new page with a notification from Opera Flow.
More about Opera flow here:, in any case this “is the encrypted space shared between Opera Touch and Opera computer browser”.
After suppressing both Opera Flow pages the user goes back to the ‘Cat’, and without killing it, takes another step back to the homepage again. (05:38)

With three back clicks we are back on the homepage and from the dropdown the user picks ‘Birthday’ and comes to that page ( A brief message from his Opera browser appears on right hand corner which prompts him/her to move the tool bar of the Bandicam recording software which stays on view on the right hand at the top.(07:23)

After some time he goes back to the homepage and from the dropdown menu he selects ‘Trademark’ which brings him to the relevant page ( where the user fills his/her details, name and email, and in the text field for the city fills with the  name of the city ‘Bor’ (which apparently seams to be in Serbia). When then the user clicks on the button “please stop the hate” he/she is being transferred to this page (  which is an error page since the cgi script for filling the form is inactive nowadays.
There the user clicks on the link “Drive Home’ but realises that he/she is out of the website, so he/she goes back to his original search page for Mouchette and from there reopens mouchette’s homepage. (07:58)
This Mouchette homepage is a bit different, it is not the original Mouchette picture, but a page from the, with  a profile picture of  a monstrous face, and a difference in the identity list (I live in Walla Walla ..).
The user has clicked on the monstrous face icon and gets there ( a page with many text fields, where by clicking many times the “eat me” button, which is a sort of “send” button, nothing really happens.

The user goes back twice, through his search again and reopens a mouchette homepage, with the original Mouchette icon (not from the like just before ).

From the dropdown picks he/she ‘Film Quiz’ which transfers to the relevant page (

He/she does not do much there, but at this point we see the  Bandicam settings popping up, and the users video collection from the screen recorder. All his actions to store this film within his collection are being recorded and we see icons fo previously recorded games. We also see the user trying to save this Bandicam recording within the collection. (09:38)

The video ends with a visit in the ‘Fan Club’ page ( where the user fills in name and email, but the video is suddenly gets cut.

Additional comments by Nikos:
It is good that in this film we do see the email address and the entries on that the user makes, so we can locate them if we want in the database browser!
Plus at one point we do see much info about users contact (see picture above)
In any case it’s great that this one records and  documents his/her response in different pages of the work,  and that we see the user submitting entries with content, email, and name.

I have an issue, I cant remember or find how the user finds this page

Additional comments by Martine:
Answer to the question concerning this page (
When you get a different icon than the usual mouchette girl icon on left top corner of the homepage, it indeed belongs to the, but the URL stays the same. If you click on that different icon (indeed this monstruous one) you get the page belonging to this user called ‘Pomplemouse’ and that page with the text field was created by this user.

I believe Maestro Game is a boy, rather young, and apparently he’s called Ilya Zaskalko, and Ilya is a boy’s name. But I do think it’s a good habit not to presume the gender of the user when describing the actions, so I like that you kept it both-gendered, Nikos.

I love very much the spoken voice and mouth sounds of this user ‘Maestro Game’, it’s very natural, expressive and intimate at the same time. “Davai!” he says, talking to himself, “let’s do it”. His way of speaking english when he reads the text of the ‘Dead Fly’ is absolutely hilarious and very personal, he is not making effort to do it “well” or to imitate a proper accent, he only does it the way it comes to him, very badly indeed, but very natural. We hear another sound, radio or tv in the background and we get that feeling of personal sphere. But the sounds coming from Mouchette’s website are horribly distorted.
I also like to see the settings for the Bandicam software and how he moves the toolbar a couple of times and leaves it inside the page in view. It shows how much he feels at home at his desktop and inside Mouchette’s page.
This sense of intimacy is very Mouchette-like, I always tried to give that sense, that personal voice, and bodily proximity when creating Mouchette. The typing sound we hear when he fills in the forms is of the same intimate nature, this is why I used it for the “Dead Fly” page, with the green text.

It was easy to identify this user in the database, from my own database interface.

The entry of Ilya Zaskalko was not interesting enough to be published, so it went into the category ‘rejected’.

If it had been taken into one of the published categories, it could have been found through the search  at the bottom of the page, in the answer page of the suicide kit, available for the public.

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