Art 451: Assignments

Multimedia Authoring & Net Art


  1. Identity Remix

    The web is an arena in which people’s identities can be presented as altered, exaggerated or completely falsified. This makes it an interesting place for artists, and others, to explore issues of identity. In this assignment you will create a website that functions to either slightly skew, or entirely remake, your identity. You may chose how closely the new identity fits with your current sense of self. Consider using artwork, images, etc from your existing identity which could believably be “remixed” into a new identity by adding text that you would not use to describe yourself. Or the reverse: Your own actual biography presented in a highly unusual way (see Rent-a-Negro art project). Please be aware of copyrights issues, see the copyright issues links on the class links page.

  2. Tactical Media

    The internet is a wonderful place to have your say, reveal societal issues as you see them and generally express your personal viewpoint on public topics. Many artists have used this medium in very effective political ways that have gone far beyond what is possible in traditional art mediums. Your challenge is to make an elegant tactical media site of your own. You must use the inherent power of the internet to deliver your message in some way that goes beyond the construction of an “anti-something” propaganda poster.

  3. Final Project

    Working from your own personal artistic interests, you will create a significant internet artwork to be presented in the final art and tech exhibition.


CONCEPT – idea, intention and meaning. Does the artwork clearly communicate something to other viewers? 25%

CREATIVITY – originality of thought and expression. Does the artwork show innovation and uniqueness? Did the artist solve the given assignment problem in an expected or unexpected way? 25%

COMPOSITION – arrangement and organization of elements.Has the artist carefully considered elements such as balance, proportion, texture, color, shape, and positive/negative space? 25%

CRAFTSMANSHIP – attention to detail. Does the artist skillfully manipulate the images? Are all details carefully finished and/or intentional-looking? 25%

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