Digital Narratives


Examples of Digital Narrative Questions to ask yourself while composing this project and to consider working into your project documentation:

  • What is Digital Narrative to you and how is it exhibited/published on the web?
  • At this early stage of new media art history, what are the evolving models of digital narrative art and which model does your selected work rely on? Is it hypertext? Flash? Audio? Multi-media? Net Art? What other terms describe this kind of work you now finding on the web? Think about this in regards to how you will document your work process.
  • How do the various art works linked to from the syllabus compare to each other? What are their similarities and/or differences? What ideas are they giving you for your own project?
  • How does Digital Narrative compare to other works of art from other media? Is there a process of “remediation” going on here?
Sites to investigate Net Art Narratives:

Sites that feature Digital Narrative:



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