Damn Site Mouchette

(5) проклятый сайт мушет

Translation of the title: Damn Site Mouchette

description-> The video of AsapGamer is made in a laptop-desktop with Windows, I guess Windows 10. As we can see on the video it’s made with Bandicam (screen recorder). It contains browser recordings from mouchette.org plus some of its original sounds, while there is no voice over.


The video starts with the user activating the Bandicam recorder while being online on a russian social network, namely VK, where there is a post that contains the link for mouchette.org. The user copies that post, goes to his/her Notepad, and pastes it there in a text about ‘Interesting blogs and sites’.
Then the navigation in mouchette.org starts, from the homepage (mouchette.org).
The user hovers on the profile pic top left, and the bubble with the text appears. We hear mouchette yawning. The user touches with their cursor in the middle of the page, on a tranparent gif !(http://mouchette.org/1×1.gif) which contains a hidden link to ‘Squelette’ (http://mouchette.org/blind/index.html). The user hovers with the cursor and the image sequences of the skeleton appear. I think by clicking again on a transparent link there, the user is back to homepage. Then user visits through the dropdown menu ‘M.org.ue’ (http://mouchette.org/m.org.ue/index.html), we hear the sound, and immediately returns to the homepage. The user decreases the sound volume of their device, and then clicks on the profile pic of mouchette homepage on the top left, which brings the user in ‘See me’ (http://mouchette.org/home/seeme.html).
Now the user clicks on the Search button which is a link to the Inbox page (http://mouchette.org/home/inbox.html) and goes quickly back to homepage.
From the dropdown he/she selects the ‘7 songs’, comes to the music page (http://mouchette.org/music/index.html), decreases the volume again and hits the listen button, so comes to the ‘1st interactive song’ (http://mouchette.org/music/ao.html) which works properly, (flash is still working in 2018!…), so we hear the sound.

Now back to homepage, he/she is picking from the dropdown menu, almost all works one by one, but not interacting further with them.
The ‘Fly ‘(http://mouchette.org/fly/index.html) [Oh wow… there was the fly sound on in my browser, from the site,  from this video also, and at the same time there was a fly in my room doing …the same sound!!!!], the ‘Lullaby for a dead fly’ (http://mouchette.org/fly/flies.html), where we hear the sound and see the intro, not the user texts that are rendered after.
Then user goes to the ‘cat’ (http://mouchette.org/cat/index.html), does not kill it, and from the homepage goes to ‘Flesh and Blood’ (http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html), goes to the ‘Suicide Kit’ (http://mouchette.org/suicide/xmas.html), clicks on the image, and follows the link to the page to fill in (http://mouchette.org/suicide/suikit.html) where
nothing is filled in, and we are again back to homepage. Then the user goes to ‘Birthday’ (http://mouchette.org/birthday/index.html), to ‘Trademark’ (http://drivedrive.com/mouchette/trademarking.html), to ‘Film Quiz’ (http://mouchette.org/film/quiz.html), to ‘Fan club’ (http://mouchette.org/fan/fanpage.html), to ‘Secret’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/secret.html) as it was before the fix of Nick Reus in 2021 but when flash worked, and it was still was taking some time to load the .swf files.
Then the user goes to ‘Striped Penis’ (http://mouchette.org/touch/plush.html), ‘I love Mouchette’ (http://ilovemouchette.virtualperson.org/) which is Nikos’ and Martine’s 2017 reconstructed version. Then the user visits ‘Dummy’ (http://mouchette.org/dummy/speaks.html), ‘My Shop’ (http://shop.mouchette.org/), ‘About Me’ (https://about.mouchette.org/), ‘Paintings’ (http://mouchette.org/paint/index.html), ‘Triple X’ (http://mouchette.org/triplex/live.html), ‘Tokyo’ (http://mouchette.org/flesh/candy.html), ‘Blind Shells’ (http://mouchette.org/shells/shell.html), ‘Name’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/nom.html). Finally the user decides to go further in a page, clicks on a moving ant and comes to ‘Tiffaire’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/tiffaire.html) where the user clicks on a transparent gif and comes to ‘Overlatig’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/overlatig.html), one more time, clicks on a transparent gif and comes to ‘Vruize’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/vruize.html). By clicking on the lava-lamp gif the user visits now ‘Aboutle’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/aboutle.html) and by clicking on an image comes to the ‘list’  (http://mouchette.org/secret/list.html).
Then the user circulates a bit on the same pages that he/she just saw and then comes to ‘Jeaux de clour’ (http://mouchette.org/secret/jeaux.html).

By going back in the browser the user is now back to homepage, he/she takes some notes on the Notepad and again  goes to mouchette.org.
By clicking the profile pic the user is now on a page with a text field  (http://mouchette.org/pages/Pomplemouse/) where nothing is filled by him/her.
From the homepage, the user goes now to ‘Wattlechick’ and clicks on the main image which is a link to ‘Prendickle’ ( http://mouchette.org/fan/gifts/prendickle.html), designed by Marc Boon, which now (2021) doesn’t work anymore due to flash disappearance. We hear the poem and back to homepage. The user writes some notes again, it reads as: ВСЕМ ПОКА С ВАММ (Everyone is with you). The video ends.

Additional comments by Nikos: This user visits one by one all dropdown elements of the homepage. It’s a list based performance!
Please have a look at the transcript file. There is not a russian voiceover, so youtube brings another “version” of the words that we hear in mouchette.org. Particularly the versions it creates for Dummy and Wattlechick are really funny!
Also, under the video there is the description не заходить!!! which translates as: ‘Do not go-come in!’, given by the user, but there is also a nice reaction on that in a form of a comment, ( see here below). It more or less can be translated as: ‘Well since I am a coward I will not enter (no, I will)’.

Additional comments by Martine: Although this browsing seems very impersonal (no selfie image, no comments, no voice-over, no apparent gender), there are so many things to say about this recorded browsing that I’m not sure I will cover here all my reflections and surprises, but let’s begin.
-There’s here a specific style in browsing which is logic and thorough, going through the complete list of the dropdown menu of the homepage, one after the other, seeing every page once and only for one second and going back to the homepage in a systematic way, which makes me wonder what kind of a browsing style is that? Is that a gamer style? A click-click style? It’s a unique style in any case, and far from being impersonal, because it has own idiosyncrasies, like navigating a list in a follow-up order without reading the words, or a certain rythm of click-speed that nothing can hold back, no on and not staying with moving target to click on (the ‘cat’, the ‘fly’…), no reading material, no curiosity…
-I have to wonder what intentions, what specific guidelines are behind this browsing? Is it made with informative intentions such as: “let me show you this site which you shouldn’t be looking at because it’s dangerous” or personal pride such as “look, I can go everywhere, not missing one single page…”. Here, the human intentions are really hard to catch or guess because of the lack of human touch (face, voice). Yet we know here that the humanity is in the gesture, the click style: ‘I’m not a robot’, that’s the ultimate we prove that we are an online human: not with the face or voice, but the click gesture, the hand! This user is first and foremost ‘a hand’! He/she is called ‘AsapGamer’, which I would understand as ‘a fast hand clicking through without looking at details”. There’s most probably a culture of game recording which I ignore, that informs this style of browsing.
-Just a last thought about that: think of how irrelevant the notion of browsing style might be in regard with the web 2.0 pre-designed interfaces…
-This mouchette homepage doesn’t have the original mouchette icon, but the alternate mouchette pages originating from the mouchette.net (http://mouchette.org/page.php?name=Lida) and (http://mouchette.org/page.php?name=Pomplemouse) that replace the usual homepage at random and it is quite that they happen, so two of them in the same browsing session is very unusual. It seems doesn’t matter for this ‘AsapGamer’ user, who is not interested in personality.
-Many of the features of this computer are excellent for browsing Mouchette.org, the 4:3 ratio (w: 960 h:720) showing images in their desired proportions and not tiled.
-the sound card is good, the sound is very clear, always playing, even too loud sometimes.
-the flash works are working properly (the date published is may 2018). I was so happy to see the user click on the ‘7 songs’ work, but only the first song and not the rest. I regret so much that this work is gone. I’ve asked Niek Reus if he could make it work again, but I think there are very little chances to get it back.
-The images and sounds are so close to how I had intended them… I’m very nostalgic of this kind of quality, colours, image ratio and size, sounds, etc… (big sigh….)
-the quantity of visited pages is big. I was especially happy to see so many pages of the wattlechick poetry in all 3 languages, that no one visits because it’s un-understandable in all 3 languages. When he/she falls upon the list in this section (http://mouchette.org/secret/list.html), then he/she goes through all the pages listed there, one by one, and I must say I still find some of them really gorgeous as visual compositions, like this one for example (http://mouchette.org/secret/overlatig.html)

-And now, for the cherry on the cake: the transcripts.
There is no voiceover by this user but the Youtube transcription software has heard some words in the Mouchette website.
The transcript software has made words in english, from what is a dutch poem made of nonsensical words and spoken out by René Vallentgoed. From dutch nonsense poetry to english nonsense transcript!

Youtube transcript:
dot bloop NIT
but sweet and stupid Volvo both but
focused hoped the Cooper Keith Metz
arvae vehicle two variables act here
the circle dot blue plate
dot bloop NIT

Original words

Wat zwiet en stroekt het wogenboos?
Wat vokkestroopt de koeverkiet?
Met slar verdekelt, ruizerpoos
Hijkt hier de zijkei: ‘Dat broept niet’.


For the poem ‘the Prendickle’

This is the transcript:
practical Oh Prendick Lee Oh Prendick Lee
Brussels are four away
yay Silla cuddling flesh falls broke

And the original poem  (no sound file available, it is inside a flash work).

Oh prendickley, oh prendickley, thrustles afore away
Yay sill the cuddening fristles broak, yay sill the cuddening cay!
A whence alay, a whence alay, tis to a hurrying thrud
Til gargly sweetles ristle and thrub, til gargly bistles bud.


original url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oITtUAWggw&ab_channel=AsapGamer
date published: May 24, 2018
username: Asap Gamer
other info about user, other channels online: 123456tjtj@mail.ru, https://www.instagram.com/interestingblogs_and_games/,
account url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1cmFE626onclywRNS0_qg
duration: 6.09
tags by user:
language: russian

saved video information->
Format:MP4 File (.mp4)
size: 32.9 MB
downloaded:Sunday, ‎April 29, ‎2021, ‏‎5:34 PM
frame width: 960
frame height: 720

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