Damn site memer_djin

(4) Проклятый сайт mouchette

translation of the original title: ‘Damn site mouchette

description-> The video of memer_djin contains browser recordings of mouchette.org, voiceover narration from the user and some sounds from mouchette.org

Found and archived by Nikos Voyiatzis

The video starts with the user searching online for mouchette.org and recalling the first result. He is now in the homepage of mouchette (http://mouchette.org/).
There he is reading some of the mouchette identity list elements (My name is Mouchette..etc), he zooms and pans on the page. He then clicks on the fly in the center of the page and visits ‘The Fly’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/fly.html) but he does not interact with it and goes back to home. From the dropdown menu he picks ‘M.org.ue’ (http://mouchette.org/m.org.ue/index.html) where he also raises the phone’s sound to hear M.org.ue music briefly. Then back to homepage and dropdown, he picks the ‘lullaby’ (http://mouchette.org/fly/flies.html) which seems to be automatically translated in Russian on the spot. We do not hear the sound of the work. He watches some user responses and goes back to home where from dropdown menu again he picks “The dead fly” (http://mouchette.org/fly/index.html), again we don’t hear the sounds. He does not kill it (play the game) so he is again back to homepage and from dropdown he choses ‘Wattlechick’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/wattle.html). The page is again automatically rendered in Russian. He pans and zooms a bit in the page and, once again, back in homepage where he clicks on the profile icon the top left and he is now on the ‘See me’ page (http://mouchette.org/home/seeme.html) where he zooms and goes again home.
He now chooses to see ‘Name’ (http://mouchette.org/nom/nom.html), for some seconds only, and back to home. I don’t know what he clicks now but he sees the 404 error message in his browser whish states Браузер не открывает (Browser cannot open the page). He returns to homepage and selects from the dropdown the ‘Cat’ (http://mouchette.org/cat/index.html).
The cat is shaking but we don’t hear its sound. Back to homepage again. From the dropdown again he goes to the Suicide Kit (http://mouchette.org/suicide/xmas.html). He sounds puzzled.
He doesn’t explore further. From the homepage he picks the ‘Shop’ now (http://shop.mouchette.org/). He sounds impressed but goes back to home and from there to Tokyo (http://mouchette.org/flesh/candy.html ).The text is again translated automatically in the browser, into russian. He zooms now in parts of the page, quite nice zoom in the dark environment that exists there. Quickly back to homepage and to ‘See me’ page as above, now he decided to click on the ‘May I invite you ?’ option on the top which brings him to the ‘To you Only’ page (http://mouchette.org/to/you/only/private.html). He zooms a bit there but doesn’t interact, goes to homepage and to ‘M.org.ue’ again,
where again we hear the sound of this page for a short while. He goes to homepage and the video ends.

Additional comments by Nikos: This user really uses the dropdown and the back button of the browser for navigation. I think he uses the same recorder as another user, the DU.
Yet another video that is made from a mobile phone, therefore as noted elsewhere we do see elements of the work and how they are rendered in mobile phone browsers, namely some pages do not get the 100% size, some sounds are missing, etc… Still, some pan and zoom functions that the user does are quite interesting. There is a lot of voiceover but I don’t have transcript or cant understand what the user is saying. Some keywords I could get are woman, music, cat, play.
It’s funny that he uses the description mouchette уходи under his video in youtube. It reads as Mouchette, go away!
To end up, I assumed it was a boy from the voice. So used words such as he, him etc. I can’t be sure 100 percent though!

Additional comments by Martine: for me this user ‘memer_djin’, could be a boy or a girl, I can’t tell but I’ll say ‘she’, just to even the game with Nikos. I love the way she zooms, it honors my work and my attention for details in the photography of the flowers, these drops of water were sprayed meticulously by hand on the petals of the wilted roses and I enhanced the droplets in photoshop…
Another moment I love in this video is the zooming inside the page called “Tokyo” or “My tongue in Tokyo” and finding a dark character standing there (at 4:00). User ‘memer_djin’ gasps, as if she has made a crazy discovery, she found the devil or something, she found what she was looking for… It reminds me of the film ‘Blow Up’ by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966) where the evidence of a murder is found by a photographer, when he is blowing up and enlarging a photography that he made by chance in a park.
This makes me think that all these Russian kids recording their browsing of mouchette.org are looking for something specific, satanic evidence or something… Maybe they want to prove that they are not afraid, that they are daring and brave enough, like when you visit a cemetery at night and need to boast about it. It could be a sort of rite of passage initiated within ‘creepy’ circles or groups in social networks (vk).
This dark silhouette in the page ‘Tokyo’ has also made gasp. I had never seen that dark man in this picture before.
There was a show in Tokyo organised by Takuji Kogo (candy Factory, https://artonline.jp/) in 1998, the very first show of Mouchette in the real space. I had sent a diskette by post and the whole show was printed and hung on the wall, Takuji also used a beamer to project Flesh&Blood on the wall, and he mailed me this tiny photo of the show as the only evidence. I was impressed by the large size of the projection of the tongue on the wall. This dark silhouette is a visitor of the show, here to give the scale of the projection. It is wonderful to rediscover my own work through the browsing of this kid, it is a kind of unintentional archeology.


original url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpeB5OqoTPg&ab_channel=memer_djin
date published: Oct 31, 2019
username: memer_djin
other info about user, other channels online: —
account url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjvnNnK6UXFKBscDT27ysUA
duration: 04.47
tags by user: —
language: russian

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size: 14.2 MB
downloaded: Sunday ,May 16, ‎2021, 13.19 AM
frame width: 330
frame height: 720

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