File:Mouchette.png – Wikipedia

File:Mouchette.png – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
I’m collecting all the different screenshots of Mouchette’s homepage and this one is a reference: it’s the wikipedia screenshot!
The story in the thought bubble has changed in the meantime, but I really loved that one and I kept it for a long time:
You are on top of a tall building basking in the light of a beautiful spring morning. birds chirp peacefully along with the horns of angry cars down below in the busy streets. you are getting a little hot in your inflatable pig costume, and a little weighed down from the pounds of chocolate, candy, money and confetti you have filled it with. you sit on the ledge while you slowly down a bottle of jagermeister. you enjoy the view, the last morning you will ever see. as the streets become busier, this is your time. blow kisses to the horizon. take a bow. breathe in. breathe out. and fall. in an explosion of plastic, candy, money and limbs. there are screams. but someone picks up a snickers and says, “god i was dying for one of these all morning.” 

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