Flyvision! Mouchette

 has a Mouchette in New York, a very pretty girl indeed.  In 2004, Pierre de Kerangal, the (secret) author of the Flyvision website was writing his Phd on artistic collaboration and players’ identity. I still wonder if he ever finished it. He also had multiple identities. One of them was Anakin Koenig who build inflatable spaces. He has built one for Mouchette in 2003 in Postmasters Gallery.

Archive of the PHD art_collaboration_identity_web_diss_2004

Around page 168 and on, some juicy narratives about games we played, Pierre de Kerangal and me inside the social New York life, Pierre passing for Mouchette in all kind of situations and with different people.

He archived all in details in his phd… yeah

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