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When an unknown page made by a user gets commented on

the reality is only the mindless people will fall for it. Any person that can properly examine themselves wont fall for their tactics. I’m a professional marketer and some of the stuff that actually works is ridiculous. We often sit in our office and laugh and how blatantly ridiculous some of the stuff is. But there are even more people that don’t fall for it than do. It’s just the ones that do are easiest to manipulate,

 Trill 02/12/14(Wed)01:41 UTC+1 No.14164286
Ugh op here again, trying to get mobile client to tripcode

 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)01:43 UTC+1 No.14164299
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>trust me
I want to really bad.

 Trill 02/12/14(Wed)01:44 UTC+1 No.14164307

Fuck off then m8

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:46 UTC+1 No.14164318

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:48 UTC+1 No.14164333


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)01:51 UTC+1 No.14164353

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you can only link to the groups until you sign up

its impossible otherwise.

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:52 UTC+1 No.14164369

who will solve the mystery?


 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:55 UTC+1 No.14164383

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It’s probably nonsense anyhow

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:56 UTC+1 No.14164400

ummmmm NSFW


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)01:56 UTC+1 No.14164401

Replies: >>14164421

it mostly is but you can find some tripped out pictures and calming music


 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)01:59 UTC+1 No.14164421

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Lol Mind control music?


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)02:01 UTC+1 No.14164431

Replies: >>14164458

some might call it that, i just discovered the website a few months ago. the design is offputting but if you reach you can see Truth.


 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)02:03 UTC+1 No.14164458

See truth?

Also, the fuck is this?

 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)02:12 UTC+1 No.14164499

What. The. Fuck?


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)02:13 UTC+1 No.14164504

Replies: >>14164567

[spoiler]view the source of the jode website[/spoiler]

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)02:19 UTC+1 No.14164525

Oh my


 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)02:27 UTC+1 No.14164567

Replies: >>14164634

Mobile client. Post it.


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)02:42 UTC+1 No.14164634

Replies: >>14164657
File: 1392169353781.png-(37 KB, 337×1895, jodi.png)

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I used minimal zoom (25%), so I didn’t have to take too many screenshots

basically the source reveals detailed diagramms of uranium and helium bombs


 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)02:46 UTC+1 No.14164657

Replies: >>14164689


Is there more to be found by visiting the other pages?


 Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)02:53 UTC+1 No.14164689

no – the rest of the sites you can visit through jodi are just random
Or atleast on those sites there is nothing hidden in the source

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)02:57 UTC+1 No.14164710

too bad. Do a whois?

Also WTF

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)03:11 UTC+1 No.14164771

What was the exact page you pulled the source from?

 Trill !CdO9t5zPsA 02/12/14(Wed)03:50 UTC+1 No.14164946
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