I Love Mouchette

I LOVE MOUCHETTE, a former rogue site, which had disappeared from the web has been entirely reconstructed and is now hosted and accessible.

IloveMouchette was created (but not by me) at the occasion of the show Pixel Plunder, launched in September 2001
The author is unknown. The website is supposedly found online, on a free hosting website.

In the website, the author seems to be an anonymous stalker, going by the initials of jd, who is completely obsessed with Mouchette. He thinks he has found her in Toronto, he follows her  in the streets and takes pictures of her when she’s not looking.

In reality it was made by the curator  I knew Michael Alstad, and maybe by the other one too Michele Kasprzak.
Here is how they define the whole project:
“Pixel Plunder © :: Pixel Plunder is an exhibition of seven projects which explore the idea of artistic authenticity, intellectual property and copyright on the web. Through satire, humour, parody, subversion, clever illusion and skilful juxtapositions the lines between artist and appropriator have been significantly blurred.”


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