Robert Bresson

Still checking the tag “Mouchette” on Tumblr and finding some gems concerning the film by Robert Bresson.
There is a documentary about the making of Mouchette called “Au Hasard Bresson”.

I also found gif of special moments of the film

In this one, Mouchette is humiliated by her teacher because she sang out of tune.


In this one, she has just jumped in the water.

The film ends there: there’s a fall, and the water ripples. Forever. Bresson created a loop there. (not like this one through, the loop is subtle, but real). The water ripples endlessly. And that’s the end of the film.

I collect the pictures of the film and I get quite emotional when I find new ones.
I’m a bit of a fetishist here.
Nothing wrong with that. After all, Mouchette saved my life.

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