(13) Заходим на сайт мушетт орг

translation of  the title: ‘We go to the site’

description-> The video of “Ice Master” contains browser recordings of made with Mobizen software together with voice narration by a young boy.
Most of the pages are presented in mute, only few original mouchette sounds are heard.


The video starts with the desktop of a mobile phone, the time, date, the icons of the software he has, and a pirate skull graphic as a background.
A young boy’s voice starts talking, after some transcript translation I understood that he makes an intro to his youtube channel and to this video. He says it’s his first video, he also says that he will review a weird site.

Then the user opens two browsers, the one next to the other, one with google search results on and one with the homepage of mouchette.
He opens the second one which is set already in the Mouchette homepage, one of the pages made by one of the members of the, Lida ( which appears among others, randomly, as homepage. The user zooms in the identity list and reads out loud some of the characteristics, being 13 years old and the fact that mouchette is an artist.

Then the user zooms on the profile picture top left, and clicks on it, which bring him to the page done by the member Lida ( He pans and zooms in the images there, the pills, the man-gif, and clicks on the gif which has a link which takes him to the next page, ( He keeps talking, I guess  he’s describing what he encounters on the screen.
He zooms and pans again and clicks on the toilet paper image which takes him back to the previous page, (
Then, we do not see the URL address bar of the browser anymore, it disappears now and then from the screen.

(01:02) He hovers back to the previous page, now in homepage of Mouchette/Lida again. He pans and zooms around and opens the dropdown menu, where he picks ‘’ and goes to the page ( He adjusts the sound and we hear the music. He clicks on the main picture of the page with the feet, which contains a random link, which takes him to ‘Wattlechick’ ( He moves a bit around the first page of the ‘Wattlechick’ and goes some steps back to the homepage, where he picks from the dropdown menu the ‘Dead Fly’ and visits the page ( where, because of the phone configuration we see the light purple background, behind the background image, which normally is not visible in the laptop-pc browser [background-color:#CCCCFF in the code of the page].

(01:37) Back to the homepage, he now selects from the dropdown menu ‘I love Mouchette’, reads it out loud and visits the page ( Now he clicks on ‘MY DREAMS’ text, top left, which is a link to ( which he visits. He keeps talking about what he sees, and goes back one step to select the link under the text ‘MY PICTURE ALBUM’. He is now at the picture album (, and then he goes back, clicks on the eye gif and is now at the teenboard, part of the original saved from the wayback machine, here ‘’.

((This is strange to me as he visits our reconstructed version. But now for the documentation purpose I follow his link path absolutely and I find that the ‘i love mouchette’ in the generated pages sometimes at least, is, which is inactive. Maybe Martine you have an idea on this? _Martine’s answer: It has to be changed in the random links of the non-members list, and apparently, it hasn’t been done))

He now goes some steps back to the Mouchette/Lida homepage, and from the dropdown picks Wattlechick which he reads in a funny way. He goes directly back and probably says that he already has seen this page just before.

Back to the homepage he choses ‘Flesh&Blood’ from the dropdown menu, goes to the page (02:35), and stays a bit, zooms in, and goes back to homepage.
No participation in the text fields parts of the ‘Flesh&Blood’ page.

From the homepage dropdown menu he selects now ‘Secret’ which he visits ( This is 2019 and it’s the old version, with flash issues which has been fixed by Nick Reus since then.

(02:52) Back to the homepage he picks now ‘Dummy’ and goes to the page (, where he creates a nice navigation with zoom in, moving desktop, really spotting details like the pig in the soup. A pop up from his russian browser comes out and he seems to press NO. Maybe its a notification to play the sound file of Dummy, which we do not hear.

Then from the dropdown of the homepage he goes to Tokyo (, observes the image and clicks on one of the Tokyo links which brings a 404 error (

(03:43) Back to homepage, he selects ‘Blind Shells’ and visits the page ( After a short zoom in the yellow letters of the page he goes back to the homepage. After some back steps he is again in the Mouchette/Lida homepage and hovers over the image to see the text bubble. He clicks on the profile picture and goes again to (, where he clicks on a link in blue saying ‘GAME ZONE’ which triggers a pop up notification (some part of it is auto translated in russian and the rest in english, such as ‘DON’T PLAY WITH PILLS!’).


He goes back to the homepage, pans and zooms in the flowers , and picks from dropdown the ‘Paintings’ to visit that page ( Again he zooms in before going back and picking the ‘Striped Penis’ ( where he zooms in and then out so we see the background picture tiled 4 times! (04:40)


From the homepage he goes to ‘About Me’, and finds the blog where he scrolls down to see what is there. He looks around and zooms in a couple of images.

Then from the dropdown menu of the homepage he goes to the ‘Shop’ ( but just before we have two brief moments where we see some desktop settings on the phone.
Then we see the ‘Shop’, and after that, he goes back to pick the ‘Lullaby’, go to the page ( which is completely elongated in a vertical manner on the phone!
We do hear the ‘Lullaby’ sound and  we can read some user responses inside the work.

Then from the homepage he picks ‘Trademark’, goes to the relevant page (, zooms in the middle of the page, and then goes back to homepage, where the video to ends. In his last spoken comments he says he will put a link of mouchette in the description, and he asks people to subscribe to his channel and like it.


Additional comments by Nikos: This user has uploaded only two videos in his account, one of them is this one here.

I find interesting the second comment on the video (see clipping just here above), where a user named ‘9922pffp23m’ writes: “I went to the site on the site. Clicked where the fly was there on the text ‘it’s me’ I clicked. Well, in short, ‘mushet’ began to write to me as if I killed her and now she is dead.” (automatic.translation)

I also find great the vertical lullaby!

Additional comments by Martine: 
I like Ice Master’s voice and I enjoy his very animated way of speaking, it’s not an interior voice, he’s really talking to someone out there, with exclamations and expressions and excitement… When reading the automatic translation of the transcript, the contents seem to be much less interesting that it sounds. But yes, Ice Master is a good speaker, he could do sports live commentary.
I also enjoy the frequent zooming in and out, which is maybe the best that browsing on a phone has to offer.

The Mouchette homepage he gets is one of the, one made by Lida, a greek girl connected to the through Manthos Santhorineos who I had met in Shanghai, and he organized a participation of Mouchette in his festival through a girl called Lida who incarnated Mouchette in real life during this festival and created this page in the
T he Tokyo link: ‘Candy Factory’  is dead now: (, and brings a 404 error (
But the online art space of Takuji Kogo, ‘Candy Factory’ still exists, is still active and is still called ‘Candy Factory Projects’
It still has an archive of the 1998 where Mouchette exhibition took place:
I’m still amazed and pleased at how good the pages of Mouchette look on a phone! Even elongated like the ‘Lullaby’ they still looks good and readable, or when they are tiled several times like the ‘Striped Penis’ it looks perfect. The renderings of web pages on a phone screen are really little miracles!
Or are Mouchette web pages little miracles that survive all the different browser conditions without losing their beauty?

original url:
date published: June 21, 2019
username: ice master
other info about user, other channels online: —
account url:
duration: 06.17
tags by user: —
language: russian

saved video information->
Format:MP4 File (.mp4)
size: 19.3 MB
downloaded:Saturday, ‎June ‎12, ‎2021, ‏‎1:58:35 PM
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