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translation of  the title: [?] ON THE SITE MOUCHETTE.ORG/TRASH- REVIEW OF THE SITE MOUCHETTE.ORG, (#netstalking, #trash-review)

description-> The video of _Blast_ contains shots with someone performing and presented in a dark atmosphere, music, voice narration, and browser recordings of

The video starts with a long shot of someone who sitting on a chair in a room, in front of a window with closed curtains and some light from the back. The person wears a hood and a mask which stays in the dark. Soon we see the 3D animated logo of his youtube channel ‘BLAST’, with the music that goes with it.

Then the person starts talking in russian which I don’t understand, and the automatic translation of the transcript did not help much in this case, I guess that he talks about presenting a website in this video, reviewing it, and offering some tips about it.
The intro lasts until 01:35 and then the video goes to with a fast montage of different pages while continues talking, about what we see, while the music goes on. There are no sounds from mouchette website at all.

In very short and fast rhythm we see screen recordings with important elements out of the frame. We miss the browser context. We don’t see the browser buttons and arrows, the url etc. We also miss significant parts of the website, for example the profile pic of Mouchette, the identity list, the whole page is being zoomed in and cropped.

First of all we see the ‘Dead Fly’ (, then we see ‘Flesh&Blood’, with the text translated in russian inside the web page, (see snaphot below), (, the homepage and the dropdown menu where the user has picked the ‘Suicide Kit’ and goes to that page ( which appears in english and immediately is translated in the browser into russian, and he continues to the following pages of ‘Suicide Kit’ ( again into russian. 01:47

Then we see again the person in the room talking, until 01:55 and then we see mouchette website again. First the ‘Tell Me!’ pop up page ( belonging to the ‘Dead Fly’ (reversing the process, as this one comes late when you visit that work), then green text page of the Dead fly ( which normally leads to the pop up page, but here the order is reversed), and then the ‘Lullaby’ also translated into russian ( and then back to the ‘Dead Fly’ ( Now back to the homepage, the user selects from the dropdown menu the ‘Lullaby’ again and visits the page. We see also some user responses in the ‘Lullaby’ that are rendered in the work as scrolling text, sideways and upwards;
All this browsing is montaged in a super fast tempo, we’re now at 02:11.

Back to the homepage, the user picks from the dropdown menu the ‘Cat’ and goes to the page (, kills the cat (manages to hit the moving button) and goes to the next page with the question, ‘Why did you kill my cat?’ ( and in this page the user hits the button ‘Promise me’. This brings him to, which contains the user responses to the cat, on the question posed before. And we go directly to the page of answers of ‘Suicide Kit’ (not the cat!) ( which is auto translated into russian where the user scrolls down. 02:31

Now we see the person in the room again and after some time we see the homepage of mouchette with a russian text on top of it, made by the user. He seems to say something like: “Look what i found!” (snapshot below)

Then a white flashy frame comes before showing (, then the homepage again, and then the user must have hit on the option ‘Members’, in the homepage of, which contains a random link function and this brings the user to the page (, where we see fast also the pages,,
where the user clicks really fast on the image which is located in the i-frame in the center of the page.

Then we go back to the homepage, to the suicide answers page as before, and from the homepage again through the dropdown menu the user picks (, to ‘Overlatig’ (, to ‘7 songs’ ( where the ‘listen’ link is translated in the browser into russian. Then we see the pages of ‘Dead Fly’ as above, but in correct order, the ‘Cat’, ‘Flesh&blood’, ‘Suicide Kit’, ‘Birthday’ (, ‘Trademark’ ( and ‘Film Quiz’ ( translated into russian, ‘Secret’ (, ‘I Love Mouchette’ (, ‘Striped Penis’ (, all this  in a very fast tempo with dramatic piano music.

The video ends with the outro of the person in the room. The auto translation helped me understand that it says that the viewers must be in suprise after seeing all this!

Additional comments by Nikos:
It’s nice that presentation with the mask. reminds of identity theories etc… and very interesting when connected to mouchette!
I love the end in the fast forward mode.
This one shows the site in a different manner. Fast, like short glimpses, not much interactivity presented, he visits pages for a second and makes a video record that works like a short gif. The description of this video in Youtube, translated in english:
“Hello everyone, in this video I will tell you about such a site called and I will review it. And I will show all the […] of this site.”
In the comment section under the video, the user thanks a friend for showing him the website. This video also, shows part of the website that I did not see in the other videos.

Additional comments by Martine:
There’s a very elaborate staging of this user _Blast_. The main point of this video is his performance. The anonymous black silhouette against the light, the purple and red curtain behind him, the hood and the black shiny mask with just two little dots of light glistening, it all feels so threatening! Only the hands are human, they move underneath, they talk, with some typing movements sometimes. Possibly this shot of _Blast_ talking is also edited because the same hand movements seem to be occurring exactly in the same way, sometimes I notice a jump cut. On top of the voice, there is the sound of the beat box that dramatises the speech.
Here is an extract of the translated transcripts:
a lot of juice hyperlink and so on… but many of them really shock you and even those who are not faint of heart are better off not see and because they are real shakira (?)… I’ll tell you now what’s going on there

But then, when he shows the website of Mouchette in very short and fast clippings,  and he tells how scary and shocking it is…. It feels like a sort of propaganda, the tactics of enunciation are the real message:  whatever information is being brought in, if  shown really fast, will be taken in uncritically, because you don’t give time for personal judgement. The website browsing sequence is accompanied with piano music, rather serious chords, with an ominous atmosphere and a sense of suspense and drama.

The montage is based on the text with the beat, the black hooded person is not really speaking in front of us but this picture is a montage also. And the images of the website do not follow a real browsing session but are thrown in to keep the rhythm and to compose a good sequence with the dramatic piano music. The whole video is really fast (04:36 in total), you get bombarded. It’s really manipulative  with a real display of editing skills, uncommon among the youtube video makers. It’s all in the atmosphere. I felt scared sometimes.

Among the homepage pictures (the ones made through the he falls upon the chinese man ( and this is one I made myself as I was returning from my first trip to China. The name “Master of Nets” refers to one of the traditional gardens in Suzhou. The chinese gardens of Suzhou made a huge impression, to the point of tears sometimes…

I never met this old chinese man with a fan in his hand, but I found him in my photos of the gardens, as if I’d been following him of he’d been following me. It always brings a fond memory, and I’m glad I managed to insert that my memory gem inside Mouchette and to see it come alive again in a strange way. The frameset bears a sentence “I will kill everyone visible in the picture”, and the title of the page is “I kill and so do you!”, is a strange murderous hidden message, and I have no memory of what motivated it…

original url:
date published: Jul 13, 2020
username: _Blast_
other info about user, other channels online: found relevant links that reference same title,,1,2,50257-uzhasnaya-tayna-sayta-mouchette.html (i think you already have this archived on the blog),
duration: 04.34
tags by user:
language: russian

saved video information->
Format:MP4 File (.mp4)
size: 43.4 MBMB
downloaded: ‎Saturday, ‎June ‎5, ‎2021, ‏‎8:48:56 PM
frame width: 1280
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