lil woozy

Deathfailed  You’re still alive

||| Retry |||| Cry |||


Corrupt Memory
A string of sadness is tangled in the darkest parts of your mind

lil woozy on Tumblr has composed this image of Mouchette waking up again from a suicide attempt. She/He has used a picture/visual map of Mouchette’s website as a background and has created a personal illustration of Mouchette

Here is how the Tumblr post looks like.

Here is how lil woozy presents himself: another virtual person?

he-hewwo? uvu

im preston but you can also call me psoettd, hallu, dumbass

im a transboy, so he/him pronouns if u can!

im irish-american! i have major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and asperger’s!!

random facts:

nearly deaf in one ear



mostly eclectic wiccan

baking expert (in cake mix asdfg)

interested in true crime (i dont condone!!)

viola/guitar/piano player

#1 daniel camp camp stan

reviving the 80’s-90’s since xxxx


clown lover

recovering alcoholic

please be nice :0


dd/lg or otherwise



pro ana/pro mia

anti recovery

anti autism/other disorders

anti stimming


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