Week 12: Identity – Construction & Perception of Identity

Net art is created and dispersed through a complex, intricate and interrelated system of networks that present a collection of art, technology and social relations – all merged together. From 1990s, many art projects have long disappeared however, is an exception. These works are distributed and continuation happens through the help of multiple caretakers. in an interactive website that was created in 1996. It was created by a pseudonymous character, an Amsterdam-based artist called herself “Mouchette” which by 2010 Martine Neddam decided to reveal herself as the author behind the work.. In the introduction page,she claims to be a “nearly thirteen”.  What initially appears to be a personal website for a prepubescent female artists, it evolves into darker theme in other pages.

Mouchette was based on a 1937 book by Georges Bernanos and 1967 Robert Bresson movie, Mouchette. The storyline is about a French Teenager who commits suicide after raped. While the use of taboo subject matters was initially to “provoke heated reaction”, manipulation of cyber identity and ability of creator to maintain anonymity for so long is the main reason why the website has garnered an “international” reputation in the internet.

Like many other net art, it need audience participation and it can evolve into a lot of online and offline projects. This are some of the few ways was able to continously be in happenings and project are the identity that gives meaning to couchette and her followers.  The idea of assemblage gave characteristics, giving the site a great appeal but it is also one of the difficult challenges for the website. users invites users to enter Mouchetter network where s/he can obtain password llowing them to be Mocuhette. With password text and photographs can be up loaded and emails sent to Mouchette can be answered by a new user.

For Neddam, is a tool for communication  a platform for socialisation that branches in many directions. The reason was Neddam is not a fluent English speaking person, her online character (anonymous) allow her to disregard rational authority while having contacts with visitors. Mouchette was a socialising space where people can communicate and help one another.

In conclusion, i feel that in is a great space for people to be share an identity. It enable people to connect with something. Even though the codes and software are outdated, users still wants to take part in her projects. This is because it lets people to involve into something. Visitors can use, re-build and re-use for personal projects and space. Identity wise, everyone can Mouchette, even you.


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