Literature in a Wired World

in-class writing: cyborg/avatar | Literature in a Wired World

Browse ONE of the following Web 2.0 storytelling projects:

Then write a paragraph about the work and your reading of it. Specifically:

1. In one or two sentences, summarize the work.

2. In one or two sentences, discuss the main theme or themes that you have discerned in the work.

3. In one or two sentences, consider: How is the work Web 2.0 (what social networking platforms—blog, twitter, Facebook, other—does it utilize)? What is the author’s (or authors’) attitude towards the web, the digital, technology, etc.?

4. Choose one of the critics below and, in one or two sentences, speculate what they would likely say about the work (based on previous statements):

  • Katherine Hayles
  • Donna Harraway
  • Jay Clayton
  • Nicholas Carr

For item #4, you may want to consult my lecture notes on the cyborg:

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