Maestro Game # 2

(11) Страшные каналы и сайты (нет) №2
translation of  the title: Scary channels and sites # 2

description-> The video of Маестро Game (Maestro Game) is the second part of two. It contains browser recordings of with the Bandicam software in opera browser on windows system, voice narration by the user and a quite distorted sound. Because of the sound like that, and the unknown vocabulary of russian, the most valuable sound information for me was the reactions of the user which sometimes remind me of the mouchette sounds (laugh, yawn etc).

The video continues where the n° 1 has ended, namely in the ‘Fan Club’ page ( where the user is filling now more data responding to questions such as “Ok what is your question?” and “Another question then?” and “Let me know the url”. In the previous one, n°1 , the user has filled only their name and email. Now after some more data entry like “Fuck You!!!” the user hits “Send” and comes to the ‘Thank You’ page that has the traditional Mouchette greeting: *bisou* ( (00:23)
The entries of the ‘Fan Page’ do not go into the online database, they are sent through the mail and I always keep the mails having a user email address. So I looked up Ilya Zaskalko with his email ‘’ and got his entry in the ‘Fan Page’, but there was also an email entry in ‘Flesh&Blood'(previous video) and ‘Dummy’ and ‘Triple X’, done during the second video.

Now the user goes back to the homepage. From the dropdown menu he picks ‘Secret’ and comes to the page ( This is 2019 so we see the version of ‘Secret’ when Flash was still in use. (In May 2021 was a reconstuction by Niek Reus without Flash see here: The flash/sound pieces appear in white first and disappear inside the black page.

The user talks a lot on the page and scrolls up and down before moving back to the homepage. 00:58

Checking on the transcripts and google-translating them, this is what we get: not very enlightening…
moreover, from 0 to 100 cm with a bear will happen
and that nothing is even so here


From the dropdown user picks ‘Striped Penis’ which offers a link to ‘Plush’ ( After a short scroll down the user hits back and goes again to the homepage. From there again via the dropdown menu he selects ‘I love Mouchette’ and visit our reconstruction hosted in ( The user, as in the previous video, keeps reading out loud with his special accent in english the words he finds, such as “my dreams” etc. The user clicks on “My dreams” and finds the reconstruction of a board for teenagers (, a page saved via the wayback machine and edited, with a limited content which offers a glimpse in the original page. One can see here recorded responses and communication of users, a small forum on ‘I love mouchette’.
Then he clicks on a response and receives the error page created within the reconstruction, ” Hello, the original link is dead”. ( This is a 2017 reconstruction of I love Mouchette”
Then he takes a step back and clicks on “Picture Album” which brings user to (, where user picks the first link “Mouchette at the candy store” which brings to the page (, one of the page that contains the reclaimed photos in the context of our 2017 reconstruction.
More info about the reconstruction:

Now at the homepage again (01:44), from the dropdown menu he picks ‘Dummy’ and comes to the relevant page The user says ‘Oh My God’ out loud!
We do not hear the “Dummy” sounds, because in the most part of this user’s videos the sound is missing or distorted or too low. As a regular practise for this user, he fills the form  (which in motion, scrolling from left to right) of ‘Dummy’ with his name and email, and responds by saying what he understood when he hears the sound poem. Here the user wrote “I kill you!” and clicked on the “send” button. This brings the user to the ‘Win’ page,, and after filling what he wants for gift, together with his details again, clicks “send” which brings him to the next page, the ‘Won’ page which is ( The user wrote “густой” which translates as “thick” in english, which makes one wonder what he understood….
Full of pleasure the user reads “you Won!” in the ‘thank you’ page and goes some steps back to the homepage. 02:46

From the dropdown menu the user picks ‘My Shop’, goes to (, and explores what is there. The ‘Welcome’ page (, the ‘Products’ page (, the ‘About’ page ( He also clicks in some products in the product area, such as the fanzine of Mouchette ( There, the user clicks on the text on the bottom of the page which writes “WANT TO KNOW WHAT MY TONGUE TASTES LIKE?” and it is a link to the ‘Mouchette Net’ ( (03:13)

From this point the user goes with the back arrow to his search page, and then to mouchette’s homepage and from the dropdown menu he picks ‘About Me’, which brings user to the blog ‘’. He spends some time there, checking the first posts and scrolling down and up, and then goes back to the homepage. (03:52)

From the dropdown menu visits the ‘Paintings ‘(, ‘Triple X’ (, fills in data in the forms, for the question “can you tell me what I did?” he fills in a number that he keeps correcting until he gets to  the number 2900, and presses the “send” which leads to the ‘thank you’ page ‘’. From the ‘home’ link, top left of that page, he is back to the homepage again. (04:41)

This homepage is actually the one where the picture of Mouchette is replaced by that monstrous face and when you click on this picture you get there: (, a page created by the Network of Mouchette, which appears at random inside the normal homepage.
The user clicks on that monstrous profile image and come to this page that has text fields.
On the dropdown menu of that page the user plays with the options (mouth, eyes, etc) but does not pick anything.
Instead the user goes again back to and results and to the yandex interface and searches for the meaning of the word “mouth”. When the meaning is clear, he goes back to and picks the word “nose” from the dropdown which brings the user again in the ‘Secret’ page (as it was before Nick Reus reconstruction who removed the flash sound elements), (05:36)

Next step: the user goes to and searches for a wikipedia entry on Mouchette, and finds it, it’s in english: (
Now he goes back to yandex search and types mouchette in the russian wikipedia. The term in russian is ‘МуШЕТТ’, and the entry he finds is about the film and it’s the equivalent of


Clicking on some links the user finds himself in a page of allmovie database for the film of Bresson (

Back to the russian mouchette search, the user now recalls youtube videos that are part of this collection that we create here, mouchette and youtube.
First the user watches a little from this film:, and then goes to another film:, and there at 10:00 the video is cut!

Additional comments by Nikos:
This one is really meta meta..It contains external links (russian wikipedia about mouchette etc) and material with our fav FEARS SHOW appearing in the end!!!!

Additional comments by Martine:
The insistence of Ilya to fill in all forms is curious. Not only does he fills them in with  his name and email, but  he is also trying to answer questions, guessing the answers because he doesn’t understand english very much. At one point he goes and find out what “mouth” means and gets a translation in russian (dictionary at 05:07). I think it’s like playing a game for him, if he fills in the right words he can win something or get further in the game.
There’s also something very systematic in playing the game “Mouchette”, he has recorded 20 minutes (2 sessions of 10 minutes) of screen recording of, trying to visit every single page and filling every single form he came across. I believe that the intentions he imagines to the website are not just narrative, there’s for him a game to be played and win or loose, an enigma to crack, a puzzle to solve. Maybe that’s the meaning of his user name “Маестро Game” (Maestro Game): guessing the rules of the game while playing it.
Ilya, (Maestro Game) also wants to learn and understand the english words, uses a dictionary to translate english words, enters wikipedia on , falls upon the Bresson film and the other videos of the youtube collection. He browses diagonally through the information, quite fast, not learning and reading but browsing and grazing….

I wonder if he finds the answers to his questions, the solutions to the enigmas, and the purpose to this ‘game of Mouchette’.

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