Mailing List

I have a custom-made mailing-list interface, which is in use since more than 10 years, in a time when the word blog didn’t exist. Currently I am sending a post to all the members of my mailing-list to invite them to see my online shop. I have to do it very slowly, send only a few at a time, less than 400 per day, which is very little because the whole mailing list is over 12.000 addresses. So at that rate it will take me a whole month.
Of course these addresses are not all valid, I get a lot of bounces, and that’s the problem! A proportion of 1/4 or maybe 1/3 of these addresses are invalid, which is very normal. I used to update my mailing list and remove the invalid emails one by one, at least in the beginning. But now, I’m really bothered with the problem.
I haven’t used the entire mailing list since november 2007. No wonder so many emails are outdated. Last time I used it, I had problems with the webhost, he even cut the whole site because he said he had received spam complaints. I had to beg to get the site back up again. So now I keep my fingers crossed…

Last week , as I was working between my mailing list interface and my my program, busy finding out what to do with the bounces, my screen got scrambled, and this is the result. The little red crosses are for deleting emails, and I’m doubting whether I should use them or not. The blue and white page you see on the left is my site statistics, which I’m not very happy about, but that’s another story….


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