New things are happening too

Dear <NAME>,
It's been a long time since you last heard of Mouchette and her website,   but  a lot
is happening in the background that you might not be aware of. The mere fact that
you can still see it,   navigate through it and interacts with it means that somebody
is keeping it up, fixing it and maintaining it.
New things are happening too: new webpages, new works, new exhibitions. A shop has 
been created where you can actually buy souvenirs online, nice gifts for friends or
for yourself.
The objects you can buy online are all related to my  webpages. It is a lovely way
to become my memory and my back-up, to save Mouchette's website from data

If you don't want to hear of me anymore, I'll be sorry to leave you but all you need
to do is to click on the link below

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