Post Internet report

Post-internet report by Brad Troemel

For the comments on Mouchette, go directly to 10:55, it’s until 11:40

Here below is the transcript of that sequence:

My favorite net art storytelling from this era was Martine Neddam’s sprawling website mouchette, which tells the story of a fictional 13 year old girl given unrestricted internet access as a result. She delves into a world of porn and violence as she grows equally obsessed with becoming Famous online as she does with suicide and murder. It’s a twisted Coming of Age story that reminds me of Michael hanneke’s film Benny’s video. Started in is an ongoing 27 year long Labyrinth of pages allowing visitors to author their own work as mouchette or trade fan art of her. It’s a Hall of Mirrors, a Hall of Fame for a cult of personality who never existed, this theory of a young girl trapped in the internet is carried on today… etc…

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