15 November, 20:00 CET

The Hmm @ REBOOT

With The Hmm we’re often looking at the latest developments and trends in internet culture. But for tonight’s event we’re going to take a look back at digital art and how the internet has shaped culture from the 1960s until today.

The Hmm @ REBOOT brings together eight artists, designers and researchers across generations, who are working with and reflecting on digital tools, online identities, and the deep impact of internet culture. During this special program in collaboration with Nieuwe Instituut, we’ll be highlighting three generations of makers. From the exhibition REBOOT, we invite the pioneers of digital art (1960-2000), and present-day makers who responded to their works. Finally, we present emerging young artists, designers, and makers from our Hmm FYI Emerging Digital Maker Program.

Here below are my 20 slides for the presentation:






















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