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Histories of Early Net Art in European Context | Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

Talk: 3.00 pm to 4.30pm on 29th Wednesday, 2012 at N2 Campus Open Space.

Martine Neddam is an artist who uses language as raw material. Since she began as an artist, her favourite subjects always were “speech acts”, modes of address, words in the public space. Since 1988 she exposed text objects (banners, plaques, shadows on the wall) in museums and galleries. She also realized many large public commissions in several european countries: Netherlands, France, Great Britain Since 1996 she created on internet virtual characters who lead an autonomous artistic existence in which the real author is never disclosed.


Mouchette created in 1996, whose website is still active to this day, is a 13 year old girl who exposes online the fantasies born from her dark imagination, and constantly triggers for user’s participation and response from her web audience. She has become such a cult figure that she decided to share her identity with her online friends in Mouchette’s Network.


David Still who was created in 2001 offers his identity and the use of his email account to all the passing websurfers.


XiaoQian, created in 2006 is a chinese artist who create virtual characters.
Recently she has been developing of a new online software allowing the creation of virtual characters.
Recently she travelled to Tbilissi in Georgia, researching for the possibility of creating a new virtual person.


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