The face of Mouchette

This is her sad face, her dull appearance, her absent look, her dirty hair. She is excluded from the world, gazing at her last chance drifting away from her, or locked inside her bitter thoughts. The young actress Nadine Nortier is so incredibly convincing in this role, one cannot imagine she could be a totally different girl, that she was just acting. Nobody knows what became of her. She played in no other film, and could never ever be traced back as an adult. It is as if this young actress actually died after the film and left no trace of her existence.
A film maker (Bertrand Bonello) once approached me through my site, believing I WAS Nadine Nortier, I HAD to be her as an adult woman. Is there anybody going to come up and say: that young girl, that was me. Robert Bresson even carried me in his arms.


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