(original title) Translation: 3-really-creepy-sites

The video of TheViktoryShow contains browser recordings of three websites, sounds, notes on videos. We can also observe the user’s face and her reactions while showcasing the sites.

It starts at 5:39 for mouchette, and at 10:33 begins another subject.

Archiving and description by Nikos Voyiatzis

3 ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО ЖУТКИХ САЙТА sentimentalcorp, mouchette transcript

english translation of title: 3 REALLY CREEPY SITES sentimentalcorp, mouchette

description-> The video of TheViktoryShow contains browser recordings of three websites, sounds, notes on videos. We can also observe the user’s face and her reactions while showcasing the sites.
It starts with the user giving an introduction on what this video is about, in Russian. She is saying that she made this video in order to showcase some strange websites and that she will guide us through some magical and scary sites.
We see the user in her own setting, the desk and her room I guess, she also shows us an orange puppet.

First she shows the website and then goes to around 05.40 minute.

The navigation starts from the homepage of mouchette (, and the user’s face is shown on the top right of the screen.
The sound is not coming from mouchette in the beginning but as soon as she clicks on the Fly, we hear the fly sound of mouchette. She does not visit the fly from the dropdown menu of the homepage but by clicking on the fly image in the center of the homepage (, therefore navigating through a hidden link to the dead fly (
Apparently she does not or cannot kill the fly (click on the moving button) so she goes back to the homepage while the camera zooms in her puzzled face.
Now the camera zooms in the identity list of mouchette and the user seems to be reading some of the characteristics f.e. I hear something about Amsterdam. (I live in Amsterdam). She also reads in french! (Le site existe aussi en Francais). Then she clicks on the last button of the list (My next mood is….reload) and she loads another mood-homepage while reacting on the sounds that comes up!

Her next step is to hover over Mouchette’s profile picture on the top left and to explore the text in the bubble that pops up. I guess she automatically translates and reads this in Russian. The sound of this part is not from mouchette. Now the user clicks on the arrows- hyperlink in the end of the bubble text, and this brings her to the Suicide Kit -user responses- archive (
She zooms in the top of the page, and we can see that see has added text on the video, namely the translation of the question from mouchette
¨What is the best way to kill yourself when you are under 13?¨.
Now she goes back to the homepage and the identity list and clicks on the ‘May I invite you?’ option.
This brings her to:  ‘To you only’ (
She fills the form of the name with ВИКТОРИЯ (which is Victoria in russian) but we don’t see if she goes further to send the request to mouchette for a private encounter.
(we could check this in the To You Only interface, I guess). I think she said No!
Here we rapidly see an image with her reaction: the user’s face, a candle and the russian sentence я НЕ ХОЧУ УМИРАУ which means ‘I don’t want to die’.

Next, she visits back the homepage and clicks on Amsterdam. ( and then from the homepage she selects to see the french version ( a nice reaction by the user, an image which shows her, Eiffel tower, a beret on her head and a french baguette.

Her next step is that she clicks from the identity list the option ‘I am an artist’, which brings her to the page of ‘Nom’, ( and there she clicks
on the eye bottom right which loads another homepage ( From the identity list in the homepage she selects My name is Mouchette, which
brings her to ( but from there she rapidly goes back to the homepage. From the dropdown menu she picks, ( where she hears the sounds and watches the moving images.
She now goes back to homepage where she chooses from the dropdown to visit ‘Lullaby for a dead fly’ (
Οn the screen we see translation of the main question of the work, namely “Lullaby for a dead fly or how shall I be reading this since i am dead?” into russian.
The sound is the original Lullaby sound. She reads (automatically translating at the same time) one response from a user.
Next she quickly goes to Paintings ( and then back to the homepage from where she picks to visit the Fan club (
She reacts a little on the information of the age of mouchette and then goes back to the homepage, and from there to the ‘Wattlechick’ page ( where she navigates a bit on the textual information which she translates again into Russian. Then she clicks on the word ‘wattlechick’ and hears the poem! The window with her face becomes slowly larger, showing her reaction on what she hears!

Then she is done with and shows another website until the end of the video.

Additional comments by Nikos: I find interesting that we see many things from the users private space, her room, for example clocks, frames with photographs etc,
and that we do see her face on the video so we come to see her reactions- feelings. Additionally, she makes textual comments on the video and, more importantly to, translates parts of the website into russian and she focuses her navigation on hidden links and the identity list, not the dropdown which is important as it shows she goes more for alternative ways to find things in there. I also find good that she visits a lot of works in
In the title of the video the 3rd site showcased is missing, its

Additional comments by Martine:
She is so much of a contemporary Mouchette to me: in her teens, quite assertive, cute and opinionated. She reads french and her pronunciation is correct.
She’s showing herself off in a juvenile way, a discreetly sexy-girly way, she has some make-up (eyeliner) long nails and light mauve nail polish, her sweater get off, baring her left shoulder. Her girly mimics are quite affected, she giggles and pretends to be shy or creeped out, she is very self-aware  in front of the screen and enjoys being seen. She speaks incredibly fast and browses very fast too (or did she edit the video to speed up the browsing?). The  French add-on insert at 7:33 (beret-baguette-eiffel tower and her ‘bonjour’) is just a glimpse, less than a second. She can translate from english to russian quite accurately on the instant (as it seems from the transcripts).
A really clever girl this lovely Victoria!



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