This is what will happen in the morning

(3) mouchette. org вот што будет утром

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translation of  the title: mouchette. org [this is what will happen in the morning]
description-> The video of  the user Brawl Dani contains browser recordings of on a mobile phone. It also contains a small window with the user’s face, and sounds that are external to
Found and archived by Nikos Voyiatzis

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The video starts showing the face of the user and the desktop of his phone, containing all the interface elements.
Brawl Dani searches in google for, and from the results he picks the first one, the site of mouchette.
Around 00.47 he starts navigating in the site, starting from the homepage ( and quickly selecting from the dropdown menu ‘the Cat’ ( He kills the cat and opens up the ‘Why did you kill my cat ????’ page (
He fills his personal information with question marks instead of words and then hits the button ‘Promise me’, which brings him to the answers archive for the cat (, where he scrolls fast up and down and by hitting back in the browser he goes back to the homepage.
There, the user clicks on the profile picture on the top left which brings him to the ‘See me’ (
Fast enough he clicks on the button Come closer and he is transferred into the page Flesh- tong (
He goes back to the ‘See me’ page and he tries to write on the text fields of the work. Then he clicks on Search and visits The inbox page (
From the dropdown menu on the top left he picks Home and visits the Home page ( He clicks on the lower image of the house and finds himself in the Blog of mouchette ( His next step is to go back to the Inbox page and apparently stays there a bit, without talking, just looking at the page.
Another step back now, he is again in the ‘See me’ page and then, to the homepage where he pans and zooms in the flowers, before going to the dropdown and selecting ‘’ ( After some seconds on the work he clicks on the image which actually contains a random link.
This brings him to Dummy ( where he plays a little bit and then back to, to ‘See me’, and then again to ‘’.
Now the browser recording ends.

Additional comments by Nikos: We can see on the video the name of the screen recorder software, it’s DU SCREENRECORDER. Ιn this one we can also be sure it is done with a mobile phone, so it’s interesting to see how the different pages of the work are rendered on the browser of the phone. For example in the homepage we see two rows of flowers, we see works such as the ‘Cat’ that have white space above the image, etc… Plus I think this is why we don’t have sounds.
Additionally, it’s nice that the user goes also to, the blog of Martine. Το end up with, it’s really funny that we do hear sounds like sneezing sounds, it”s so mouchette-like! (in we have many sounds that come from the body, like cry, yawn, etc…)

Additional comments by Martine: Dani is sick and in bed, sneezing and coughing. He is a young kid, I would say around 9 years old or even younger. Browsing Mouchette from his phone, he’s also watching some anime or manga on television or some other screen on his left and this is what are hearing in the background; at 2:36 and until 3:10 his eyes are drawn to the other screen where interesting action happens and he stops looking at Mouchette and clicking on it.
Dani is NOT staging himself while browsing Mouchette. His face is hardly visible, only his eyes, he doesn’t comment the browsing actions, he mumbles, he really talks to himself or to someone next to him. (we don’t have the transcript, so we don’t know what he says). He doesn’t understand english, and probably can hardly read it or write it. He seems to be playing a sort of game, looking for something, not knowing exactly what, clicking back and forth on pages, trying at random to fill in text fields with question marks in order to move forward to the next page or clicking on moving elements like the walking ants on ‘’.
I can’t understand why he is recording the phone screen and publishing it on youtube. Is he fulfilling some request from a group of users, or from a game? The title of the recording doesn’t give any clue: [this is what will happen in the morning]. He doesn’t care to show his face or to hide it, the face thumbnail is per default on the screen recording software and maybe the youtube publishing is also per default.
In my imagination he is not at home, he is in a hospital. There’s another kid on another bed next to him watching some anime, Dani addresses him to lower the sound maybe, but the other kid is sleeping. His very short hair might relate to the fact that his head was shaved before an operation.
In my imagination, by browsing and recording it, he’s performing some ritual suggested by the app named ‘Peace,Death’ that we see on his screen at the beginning, he is exorcising his fear of dying during the next surgical operation, hence the title [this is what will happen in the morning].
Because of his name ‘Dani’ I associate him with the boy in the film ‘Shining’ by Stanley Kubrick, lonely kid with telepathic skills who escapes his death several times with very clever moves out of labyrinths.

I shall try to have his few words translated to me by Roman Toureev (my brother in law from Lyon), to find out more on Dani and/or his circumstances.

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date published: Mar 25, 2018
username: Brawl Dani
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duration: 05.26
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language: russian

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size: 15.1 MB
downloaded: Sunday,May 16, ‎2021, 11.56 AM
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