Web Artist in Korea


Web Artist

-Reasons for Choosing

* Join to Mouchette Network

Mouchette is a community. Mouchette website is show very well one of the
typical features of Web art. That is the interplay between artist and audience. She ever
catch the audience’s reaction. And she answer to that reaction. Also she
suggest to join her community ¡°Mouchette¡±. This is the most interesting point.

-What is her Web Artwork?

Mouchette is a 13 year old girl who exposes online. And She is the virtual
character born from imagination. She looks like mysterious girl. She¡¯s artwork show
us suicide, raw meat carved words, fly, blood. This images make us feel strange
feeling. And simultaneously we feel curiosity. Because people¡¯s usually thinking is
that images and a little girl are not matched. Mouchette induce us to come close to
her. And she make a network with us. This is her web artwork.



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